I’m going to rough you up

I’m working on a rough cut for the video I shot on Sunday.

If you want to see it, click here. It’s rough. Still need to adjust some scenes and color.

But the damn budget is nil. And I like it looking b-quality or even C.

If you have trouble viewing it, check with your local IT.

Isn’t it lovely that not everyone in North Carolina thinks like Charles Worley?

This video of Anderson Cooper interviewing a Stacey Pritchard from Charles “Electric Fences” Worley’s church.

I think it’s a lovely interview with a woman who is taking the bible’s message to a logical conclusion. She is of sound mind, and we should all praise and exalt her, just after we frown on her sins of speaking in public.

We need more Stacey Pritchard’s and Charles “Concentration Camp” Worleys in the world.

It would be so good for atheist PR.

Thanks, Stacey, for all your hard work. Thank you for your sins of speaking in public. It’s AWESOME.

Isn’t it amazing that Worley has a 12oo seat church and there are people left in the pews?

Lemme run something by you

Let’s talk about a hypothetical situation. Say you were on a small community organization that raised money for a dog park to make improvements.

The city government was strapped, and there were things that needed fixing up. The city said that the park was part the community’s job to maintain.

So a small group formed, and you were on the committee which raised a bunch of money to fix the park.

After the first batch of fixes were made, one of the members wanted to do another fundraiser, and organized it on his own as a last minute thing. You weren’t able to attend. There was no delivery of information about how much was raised and how much money went to what resources.

A few months have passed, and the guy is organizing another last-minute fundraiser, this time without so much of an invitation to the original committee to help. You reach out to him privately and say, “Hey, thanks for your involvement. Where is the money going and how can we see the records and books?”

The guy freaks out citing that where were you at the last fundraiser. “Well, I declined, as I was booked that night.”

The guy says, “Why the sudden interest?” He turns the tables on you.

What would you do in this hypothetical situation. Curious.