Peeper Dee #149

My Rice Cake by sunny lee

Peeper Dee #149 is a particularly special PPD. My submission won’t take top spot, but it’s one of the standouts from my shoot today.

There are so many who have influenced me, my thought, my ideas, my perception of art. And the guy in the shot, takes a high spot on the list.

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Hey, Billy Ball(z), those are some bold words on your church sign

Church sign from Faith Baptist church in Primrose, GA reads, “Obama is a Pervert. Rom 1:32”.

Roman’s 1:32 reads:

Although they know God’s righteous decree that those who do such things deserve death, they not only continue to do these very things but also approve of those who practice them.

Keep in mind, the New Testament is the loving part of the bible.

If you go to the church’s website, Pastor Billy Ball is a stand up guy who:

Pastor Ball stands with Pastor Worley!  Here is a challenge to all other Pastors and  Christians to either make the trip to stand with Pastor Worley on Sunday at his church or at least make your voices heard in support of Pastor Worley and God’s Word!

And in another incredibly unthought-out area of the site, it reads:

Dear Sinner friend, please stop and think for a moment about your future. Do you realize that if you died today without being Born again you would go immediately to Hell according to Luke, 16:22,23 ? Only God knows when that time will come, but he has given you plenty of time to Repent and turn to Christ. Think of all that God has done for you so far in your lifetime.The Bible declares that ” The goodness of God leadeth thee to Repentance “ Romans, 2:4. God loved you and I enough to send his Son to die for our sins, John, 3:16. But you must Repent and trust Christ in order to be saved. Luke, 13:3,5  Romans, 10:9-13 , Why do you continue to procrastinate about the most important descision of your entire lifetime ? Please humble yourself today and call on the Lord to save you while God is speaking to your heart ! No man has to lead you in a prayer to be saved. If you know you are a sinner, then you will have no trouble praying a “Sinners Prayer” If our Church can help you in any way, Please don’t hesitate to call, regardless of the hour. We know where you’re coming from, for we all were Sinners also until the Lord saved us !               Pastor, Billy Ball

Nothing says sweet-ass ice breaker like writing, “Dear Sinner Friend … you’re going to hell if you continue making thought crimes!

And people wonder why the church pews are emptying.