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The Cult and Against Me

On Friday night, I shot Against Me! and The Cult at the Congress Theater here in Chicago for Time Out Chicago magazine.

I shot a little of the first band called Icarus Line, too.

The Cult’s management made photographers sign a strict copyright release that said the photos can only be published at Time Out.

I had to shoot from the soundbooth on this one anyway. So I’m not that thrilled with the photos. I didn’t realize that’s where I had to stand until I got there. I’m still learning.

I was able to score a spot in the VIP section of the balcony for part of The Cult. So don’t tell anyone. It’s our secret. I bet the management is going to shit bricks, but those shots are way better than those from the floor.

I’ll share more photos of both bands once they publish at the magazine. I can say that I enjoyed The Cult’s set, that I heard. Against Me! was a little less than dynamic.

What sucked is Against Me! drew a shitload of fans, and they did a mass exodus when they left the stage, leaving the Cult with a less-than-full audience.

I stayed through “Fire Woman” and then bailed. I don’t like walking around with my camera equipment. It’s heavy.

I ran into one of le Café’s regular readers Paul and his wife while there. He doesn’t comment often, and he mentioned he hasn’t had a chance to follow much of the blog with some recent events. But it was good to catch up with him.

On the way back to the car, there was a girl squatting near the back of my car. I assumed she was taking a pee. Her friend was holding a car door open to give her privacy. Then she decided she was going to change clothes too. While I waited for her to finish, we chatted awkwardly. She said they were going to go party with the drummer from Against Me! She looked over and she said, “Do you want to go burn one?”

I laughed and told her no thanks. I’m not sure I’ve ever had anyone ask that. But I’m not a pot smoker, so there’s that.


Boring: Sam Harris’ “New Talk” on Death and the Present Moment puts Dennett, Dawkins and Myers to sleep.

@pzmyers @SamHarrisOrg

Check out this hilarious picture that Sam Harris just sent me announcing that a video of Sam’s speech posted online.

Why would you use a shot that looks like everyone is bored out of their minds?

Hell, it looks like Dan Dennett is praying. It’s as if to say, “Jesus Christ, I’ll believe if you get this guy off stage.”

Looks like his prayers weren’t answered.


Here’s the video, should you want to take a nap this afternoon.

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