Boring: Sam Harris’ “New Talk” on Death and the Present Moment puts Dennett, Dawkins and Myers to sleep.

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Check out this hilarious picture that Sam Harris just sent me announcing that a video of Sam’s speech posted online.

Why would you use a shot that looks like everyone is bored out of their minds?

Hell, it looks like Dan Dennett is praying. It’s as if to say, “Jesus Christ, I’ll believe if you get this guy off stage.”

Looks like his prayers weren’t answered.


Here’s the video, should you want to take a nap this afternoon.

About the video:

Published on Jun 2, 2012 by AtheistFoundation

A Celebration of Reason – 2012 Global Atheist Convention
13-15th April – Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre
Presented by the Atheist Foundation of Australia

Sam Harris is a Co-Founder and CEO of Project Reason, a non-profit foundation devoted to spreading scientific knowledge and secular values in society. He received a degree in philosophy from Stanford University and a Ph.D. in neuroscience from UCLA.


4 thoughts on “Boring: Sam Harris’ “New Talk” on Death and the Present Moment puts Dennett, Dawkins and Myers to sleep.

  1. Harris was leading the crowd through a meditation exercise. They were not bored, they were engaged and active.

  2. Then Sammy needs new PR.

    How hard would it be to include exposition within the body of the email.

    Even with explanation, it was a dumb move.

  3. I think the picture invites thought and is quite creative. When looking at it, I immediately thought, what did that guy do to get all of these leaders who are into science and examination to close their eyes and shut out the world at the same time? I figured he got them to meditate, but I thought it was a pretty creative shot. Any other crowd would appear to be praying, but not this one. 🙂 So the shot made me think, “What the heck?” I don’t know if that’s what they were going for, but I bet it was.

    1. I have photographed one too many professional conferences to know that this photograph is an embarrassment and to pretend to “get it” should also qualify.

      First, it’s far from creative. It’s a amateur at best. If it were somehow creative than maybe. Maybe you’d be convincing.

      We’ve given believers far more hell over less offensive displays of bad PR. I’m mystified by these first two comments.

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