Peeper Dee #157

by tina louise

Wow. Peeper Dee #157 is a little light on submissions.


What’s up, doc?

by J-dub
by sunny lee

Frankly, your belief doesn’t offend me. It offends me that it doesn’t offend you.

Pastor John Hagee wants to be clear. If you’re an atheist, and you’re offended by belief, you should MOVE.




Because this country was established for God-loving, less-than supernatural people with a hardon for heaven. Or something like that.

I’m not offended by belief at all. I get it. I get why you, and you, and you believe.

It’s hard not to believe something when your parents gave it to you at a young age.

I just don’t understand how you’re not offended by the lackluster performance the being you believe in gave when he had a chance to really wow the pants off of us.

I’m just not impressed.

How is it that you are?


nutty mcbuttnuts

Been a little nutty around here today. I have blogged a couple posts over at my other site. Check them here and here.

Above is some pottery that an artist friend of mine made me. Isn’t it lovely.

The little guy represents how I feel right now. 🙂