It’s Caturday!

Today’s Caturday is brought to you by Voyeurism … it’s good for what it’s good for.

Recently, I was grilling and looked up to see this little Rear Window wannabe hoping to catch a murder from his back window.

It’s the neighbor’s cat. There’s at least two of them. I’ve only seen them a few times.

There’s bound to be a, I saw my neighbor’s puss joke in there somewhere, but I won’t bore you with that.


Have a happy Caturday!

Peeper Dee #160


Submerged By George W

George W makes his debut this week with a Peeper he took while on a roadtrip up north. That means George went further north than north. I mean, wow. I’m giving him top spot.

He’s a bit ambitious. He sent me several photos hoping to have me post them over the course of a few days.

I called him the antichrist, and told him, it’s Peeper Dee … which translates to Photo Per Day. If you send me more than one photo, my brain gets explode-y and I sweat from my palms.

I mean, I’m a superstar, but this PPD project isn’t as easy as it looks. Raising kids and keeping a real job, like George does. That’s easy.

Posting a picture per day on a blog … super fucking tough.


Get your Peepers in. And be nice over the next few days. It’s going to be crazy around here.

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