Say no to crack! Let me bend over and do a little blog maintenance

Many of you know, I’m a blogger in the SSA blogathon. If not, read more by clicking the page option above or here.

So for 18 hours on Thursday June 14, I’ll post once every 30 minutes in support of getting you guys to donate money to the SSA.

That means June 14 is going to be a hella-crazy day of bulk Café Witteveen love and excitement.

The bad thing is that I have four hellish days, starting today, of work. Tina and I have a gigantic job we’re doing on Monday and Tuesday and most of the day on Wednesday. Today we’re shooting a half-day gig and trying to get ahead for the week.

I’m getting my sweet ass in bed early, because tomorrow and Tuesday will be 14-hour days, on feet, snapping photos and video.

Hell hath no fury like a 14-hour day with camera in hands.

I imagine the next four days will be the complete opposite of a blogathon. So bare with me.

You’ll notice new buttons and pages. One is for Peeper Dee Submissions. If you haven’t looked over the “rules”, please do. Over the next few days, I’ll try to maintain it, but don’t worry your little turdy underpanties if I don’t get to them every day. I’ll likely be able to catch up on Thursday.

I’m looking for sweet immoral support on Thursday, so anything you can contribute, I’m down. You’re all really good at emailing, texting and calling with submission ideas, and Thursday’s going to be the day when it’s the MOST appreciated.

I’ve also updated my email address to this. It makes The Café that much more official. I would like to move Le Café to its own URL, but I’ve shied away for so long.

My other email will definitely work, too. But make a point to use the new one for Café business.


One thought on “Say no to crack! Let me bend over and do a little blog maintenance

  1. Good luck on Thursday! We’re all on the same team, raising money for a good cause, but I think we know deep down that there is a fierce, epic, blogathon-to-the-death battle at stake here. Don’t think I won’t be watching you.

    (I really won’t. I’ll be furiously blogging. But I might have *people* watching you.)


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