Peeper Dee #163

America the Beautiful by Pea Dub

Here’s #163 of the Peeper Dee special.

Sunny Lee never sends me her image titles in her emails, which is why I don’t include names. But on Facebook she names them.

Her photo (below the fold), is called, “so good but so stinky.”

I would have called it, “premeditated olfactory assault.”

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My sentiment exactly

What appears to be a dude leaving a prayer service in a mosque reads, “Fuck this shit! I’m gonna grab a beer.” 

Seriously, I wonder how many people think about this every day in whatever church, mosque or synagogue they attend.

I saw it on the internets.

Morning turn on: what the blogathoners are posting

Rachel Pridgen over at The Reluctant Skeptic is one of the SSA Blogathoners.

I’m trying to race out the door for a huge shoot, and I’m about to reblog one of her posts raising money and awareness for the Secular Student Alliance.

Make sure you take a minute or two and read her post about sex from a recovering Christian perspective. I don’t have time for writing a reaction. But it’s spot on with tidbits and facts from the tradition that I was brought up in.

I know some of you will completely agree.

The point of her post: Sex isn’t wrong, like we were made to believe. So let’s get over it. And for some of us, let’s go have lots of it.

Read her post here.

Stop distracting me, Rachel!