It’s Wednesdog!

Here’s a shot of Talulah’s boyfriend Brady. You’ve seen him before in a non-iPhone shot (here).

There’s not a whole lot of exposition I can give about him right now. My brain is fried.

He’s come a long way since his owner got him about a year and a half ago. When we first met him, he wouldn’t come near me.

Now he plays fetch with Talulah and I and romps around the back yard with a graceful stride that would make gazelles jealous.

Happy Humpday!

One more day of blog hell before one entire day of blog heaven #ssaweek

Tina and I wrap up our big job today with a nine-hour day.

On Thursday, you won’t know heads from tails around here, because I’ll be blogging once every 30 minutes to raise money, awareness and ires for the Secular Student Alliance (see above link for details).

Take this opportunity to leave a comment recommending a book or movie. Or recommend not to read or watch one.

We need some content today around here, and it’s all on your shoulders.

I’ll start with two movie recommendations. We rented two movies from Redbox, the vending machine that rents cheap-ass movies for a buck that you might not see otherwise (maybe?).

Stay the hell away from Captain America. Slow. Weak. Doesn’t live up to the superhero epic movies that have been coming out.

Surprisingly good: Tower Heist, with Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy. I’m not always a fan of those two guys, but it worked for a mind-numbing hour forty.

Now you.