11. Thursday Nooner: let’s shoot some sexy body forms

12:00 p.m. CST — This post was one I got ahead on, and should have posted at noon.

I’m a photographer.

That’s what people pay me to do anyway.

Right now I’m building the hell out of my portfolio. The above shot is a slightly-edited photo from last night. My partner Bill Whitmire and I shot an Mixed Martial Arts fighter.

I don’t relinquish the names of models I shoot on this site, because while I’m out as an atheist, I don’t want people who don’t wish to be associated with this site on this site. If they don’t want that association, I have found anonymity is the best way to go.

I work out, but I don’t care if I have a six pack unless it’s shared with good buddies over a well-cooked, well-imagined meal.

One of the things that contributed to my atheism is the Christian perception of art. I found that Christianity was restrictive of artistic expression, because what I felt and what I wanted to love was stymied by Christian-influenced guilt.

I love the human form, especially the female form. But I understand, or think I do, what is attractive on the male side as well. The guy above, he’s got a great form. I don’t find it steroid-y, but I could be wrong. The guy is really cool. He’s got a great personality.

I found myself wanting to ask him to punch me so I could feel what it must be to get knocked out by him.

Below is another model I shot earlier this year. Tina and I are going to shoot her again on Saturday morning on the beach, wearing bathing suits, with water splashing over her more-than-half naked body. It’s going to be a sunrise shoot, and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

Do you know how guilty I would feel if I were still a Christian with this shoot on the schedule? Seriously.

Human sexuality is a fact. And you, nor you, and definitely not you, would be here if it weren’t for sex.

The demonization of sex is pathetic. And it’s one of the biggest things that turned my stomach about Christianity. It still does.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t claim to be an atheist so I can avoid the “morality” of Christianity. I don’t find Christian morals very moral at all.

And frankly, shooting models has increased and intensified my sex life with my wife. It’s showed us just how imperfect the human form is. And regardless of what you find beautiful in magazines or on TV, no one is as “pretty” as you think they are. Or, another way to think about it is everyone is prettier than you thought.

I don’t want to be a Christian, because I want to be honest with what I think and feel about sex, life, love and living.

Redundant sentence, I know.

It’s a blogathon. You’re supposed to write stupid shit.

So whether you’re attracted to men or women, I hope that these images contribute in some way to your viewing pleasure.


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