16. Angry comics aren’t funny or smart #SSAweek

Over at Facebook, there’s an angry comic named Andy Laurie who posted a rant-diatribe against current atheists.

I’m not sure if angry comics is the official term, but these are the comics like Lewis Black, who aren’t all that funny, but their “comedy” is an accepted form of the business.

The thread that Andy started evolved from “all atheists are idiots” to “some atheists are idiots.”

What a fucking douchebag. 

I’ll add a screencap below the fold, but the original post is this:

My logical problem with Atheism is that it requires the same arrogant hubris as all the organized religions. To think that you can understand ‘God’, what his name is and what HE wants is just as arrogant as saying “Nah, there isn’t one.”- These are beliefs that can’t be proven, and take considerable hubris to assume that we as mortal humans can figure it out. So, sorry Atheists- you’re just as annoying as Jehovah’s Witnesses or Extreme Muslims to me. Just because you have disdain for the organized religions of the world and/or the hypocrisy of saying “God spoke to OUR group only” gives you no mathematical proof that YOU are correct either. Smug dismissal of organized religions is merely that- it’s not proof of the absence of anything, so… stop being so smug and righteous. The irony is suffocating.

Among the scripty responses from atheists were the typical, “The burdon of proof is on the prover, not the disprover.”

We’ve all said it.

There are some reasonable parts of the thread. And Andy is right, some people are attaching themselves to atheism because it’s a sort of fad. And there are people who I can’t stand. I don’t want some people on “my team”.

I’m not sure I want myself on the team sometimes.

And just like there are blind followers of theism, there are blind followers of atheism. People who can’t criticize their beloved leadership, for example.

The climax of Andy’s dumbassery peaked at this line:

Sax- To which I would tell an atheist that the burden of proof lays on them. I can prove the existence of SOME higher power much more sophisticated than humans in ten seconds. I just can’t tell you what his/her/their name is, nor what they want from US.

I responded a little ways down the line:

I’m still waiting for that proof.

If you’re going to act smart, back it up with some kind of level of intelligence. Otherwise, you’re just another angry comic, and just like Lewis Black, you make me turn the channel.


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3 thoughts on “16. Angry comics aren’t funny or smart #SSAweek

  1. I always think it’s a little odd to see someone raise a “logical problem.” It’s not entirely absurd, but it does raise interesting questions about what they think that in itself means.

  2. I honestly don’t get how theists STILL don’t get it. YOU are the ones proposing the existence of a supernatural being. Therefore the onus is on YOU to provide evidence of said being. Until such evidence is provided the only appropriate response to YOUR claims in unbelief.

    To put it simply, the burden of proof is NOT on atheists.

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