Allan Fraser is a coward

Yesterday during the blogathon, I posted a quote from Dr. Herb Silverman.

You may have missed it, as posts got buried throughout the day. I mean, I posted 35 times in 17 hours.

You can see the original post here.

After googling the quote, I found that the exact quote was published without citation at a blog called Miner for a Lode of Iridium. Said blog is authored by Allan Fraser, who posts science articles and freethought ideas.

Fraser also has an online minerals site called, ONLINEMINERALS.COM.

I screen captured the stolen quote and you can see the published post here, but you’ll notice that my link for the original post is now gone.

Allan Frasier had a choice. He could edit his post to include quotes and properly attribute something he stole for himself or he could wuss out and remove the entire post. I wouldn’t have cared if he changed it, and deleted my comment. That would have been shitty, too, but at least he paid attention to the “rules” of international writing etiquette.

What a gigantically shitty thing to do.

Frasier took the douchebag route, deleted his post, which completely undermines the legitimacy of his efforts to be a reasoned and respectable blogger.

As freethinkers, we are about full disclosure. If you call me out, I’ll own up.

I wonder if the shots on his OnlineMinerals site are legitimate as well?

That’s what I expect from everyone. Believers, too.

Own. UP.

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