Peeper Dee #171

Inkwon’s hair in the clouds by sunny lee

If you want to know what Peeper Dees are and how to submit, point your little mouse up there and click on the tab above. You’ll be so happy.

If you didn’t know, I’ve been titling sunny lee’s photos lately. She titles them on facebook, but never titled them here. So I started giving them titles, which tittled her tattle.

The above is the most esoteric of them all, as she wouldn’t know who the hell Inkwon is. He was this dude that my brother and I drove to high school for a couple years. He was Asian. I can’t remember where he was from. But his hair was always spiked and it smelled like the Smiths had sex with Nirvana and Pearl Jam stood by and watched.

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10 Lesser-known Wonders that will make believers ooo and ahhh over the grandeur of the “creator”

I was looking at this video above thinking, someone’s going to see this and say, “Wow, our creator is amazing!”

But they’d have to look a past the dating of the locations if they’re a young earther.

Or they might accept old earthiness, but then they have to get past all the crap their creator threw in the mix that sucks the big one.

I was thinking more about this idea that some people believe in a higher power. And they feel they can “prove” it. I can’t prove or disprove a higher power. Neither can you, you, and definitely not you.

But what makes me laugh and cringe at the same time is when people look at the wonders of the cosmos or the earth and somehow declare themselves smarter than Stephen Hawking, because they have cable TV, an Internet connection and a beer gut.

“Yeah, I’m smarter than that there astro-fuckin-physicist because I saw a shootin’ star one time, and I was all, like, DAMN!!! [spit, ding], that PROVES it to me!”

Then that same dude scratches his butthole and then smells his finger.

unshelving the buildings

So after all the hoopla of the circus yesterday died down, we figured everything out with the client who threw  a wrench in our scheduled job yesterday.

Protecting ourselves is utmost important.

Now that everything has been smoothed back out, we’re off to that job early. We’ll hopefully be back by around 11.

We’ll see how this goes. I’m not promising shit. And it’s a good thing I wrote that into my estimate.