It’s Wednesdog!

Dear Talulah volunteered herself to be this week’s Wednesdog. She bought a special hula dress for the occasion and everything.

She made me take a front and back.

Holy crap, I think I’m writing like that dumb mom you know who signs all of her baby gift thank yous from the baby itself. As if the baby can write.

I’m a freak!

Happy Humpday. Be sure to fit some sex in today during your busy schedule. You could do it alone, with your partner or some massive orgy. That would be fun.

A wonked-out iPhone HDR shot of Willis Towers

Tina and I had a big, new client presentation today that we got all dressed up for and drove down town to attend.

Ironically, the client is associated with the Catholic church, but not affiliated, per se.

On the way out of the meeting, which was successful by the way, I looked up and decided the Willis Tower needed an HDR shot, so I whipped out the camera and this is what I got.

It looked so weird that I had to post it.