Thursday nooner: I ask the tough questions: Does God hate Bristol Palin?

Did you hear? Bristol Palin’s reality series bombed. 

Does God hate Bristol Palin for having a baby out of wedlock?

No, he couldn’t. He loved Mother Mary for having a baby out of wedlock.

No, no, it must be Satan. Satan stepped in and turned on the blazing hate toward Bristol.

No, Satan doesn’t exist.

So that leaves Jesus.

Or something.

In response to the “One man slash one woman for life”, how come no one on the liberal/secular side ever brings up the fact that God himself couldn’t stick to one woman after he impregnated Mary?

He had a one night stand with her, he didn’t bother with the paperwork or headache of a wedding ceremony. He left her pregnant and open to ridicule, and commanded Joseph to jump in and be her groom.

If there’s one being that doesn’t believe in one man slash one woman for life … it’s the big G.

How do believers have the cojones to think they know the mind of god?

Job opportunities

Yesterday afternoon, Tina and I met with a Catholic group about doing video and possibly photography. The work would essentially be to create promotional videos about the missions projects that the group does.

I’ve asked myself the hard questions about working with this company, and I’m not opposed to doing this kind of work. You all know that I tried helping my dad and a pastor spread the word and raise money to help refugees hiding in South Asia back in 2010.

Just because I don’t agree with a person’s philosophy doesn’t mean I disagree with their want to help others in need.

Later that afternoon, I met with a 55-year-old guy who used to be a youth pastor in my hometown deep in the Yeshua Fog™. He lives here in the suburbs now.

Let’s call him Bill. More below the fold. 

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Thundering Thursday! Frau Blucher says she’s an atheist (neigh!)

From this interview published at that liberal rag Huffington Post, Cloris Leachman says: 

Well, when I was six years old I heard that God was watching me, and I thought, “No, no, no, we’re not going to have any of that.” And then for many, many years I thought that God would get even with me or punish me because I didn’t believe in him, or her, or them. And nothing ever happened except for good things. So I don’t believe at all in God and I’m very relieved that I don’t.

Go read the rest in which Cloris says there are extraordinary things that happen, but they can’t be attributed to a “god”.

Love it.