I know a LOT of people on facebook who are sheep!

This graphic reads, “Some inspirational bullshit, in a nice bold font, over a random stock image. “like” this shit, if you’re a sheep.”

I’m sure you know a lot of people who like this kind of thing, too.

Which begs the question, if  post the image complaining about it … does that make me a sheep, too?

I don’t know, so get over here and trim my wool, bitch.

Via I have seen the whole of the internet

This story charges me up emotionally. I watched a bit of the video, and it makes my chest shake and pushes tears out of my eyes. It makes me purse my lips in anger.

Karen Huff Klein is a true role model.

For Aaron: Actors Against Acting Athletes with Gary Oldman

The rest of you are not allowed to watch this. This video is for Aaron, and for Aaron only.

If you choose to watch this, lightning carrying a thousand dildos will emit from heaven and assault you in so many of your orifices that you will become a steaming bundle of holes.

You will be hit on by a thousand creepy old men or women, and — while you’re tied down — they will breathe large breaths of halitosis into your nose just before they plunge their scaly, wrinkly hands into the front of your pants in search of your …

What the fuck am I talking about?

Yes, you can watch this video, too. It’s funny.

See you next Tuesday #WordPress and #DMCA take down notice


Yesterday I got an email from Anthony at WordPress.com explaining that WordPress took down an image at this post for breaking copyright of said image.

WordPress had already removed the image before I got there, despite their own rules for takedown explaining that before the image is taken down, the offended party should:

Contact the blogger directly. Go to the blog post in question and leave a comment with your complaint to see if the matter can be resolved directly between you and the blogger.

I have no proof that I was using the image in question.

So I emailed back and asked about it. A guy named Anthony said this was the image in question.

I don’t even like that image, and it really didn’t go with the content of the post.

I seem to remember it the more I look at it.

But the fun thing is, I looked up the photographer, Anna Peisl, and she’s kind of a cunt.

I’m kidding. I’m sure she’s a cool lady. WordPress is the cunt.

One google search brought up these images taken in a white box. I was scrolling through them rather quickly without any attraction to them.

When I reached the bottom where people could comment, the responses range from (in french), “death by boredom”, “these make me want to puke”, “bleh”, “photographic diarrhea” to “wordpress is a cunt.”

So that was that.

That leads me to question if there is a correct way to post something. I mean, I promote artists here and say, go check out their work at this website. I honestly don’t know if that is illegal. But if you don’t see the image, you may or may not give a shit.

I see blogging as a sort of mass appeal socialization. I’m sure I’m not alone.

I pretend we’re in the same room and these are the things we’d talk about if we were together. So if I was standing here, and I told you something about an artist, I would want to show you. But the way the DMCA works is I can’t show you. I have to send you down the street to look and then tell you to come back and then talk about it.

That’s dumb.

I’m an artist. I have lots of digital files out there that could be stolen. Someone could be making money off of them, and I don’t know it.

Do I give a shit? Kind of.

But the world is a different place. Getting my images out there is something I want. And if one is getting circulated, because people love it, that means there’s something appealing about my aesthetic that on a deep down level, someone would pay good money for.

So to the Anna Peisls and the Corbis images who are freaking the hell out over an image on this blog, fuck you. I didn’t want it anyway. I don’t want to promote your company or promote images that might make you money in the long run. I don’t want to advertise you at all … which is what I’m inadvertently doing.

So fuck you twice.

That leads me to the question, is there a correct way to share images with attribution? Is there a way we can ride this international social media bandwagon sharing information without Anthony from WordPress policing our conversation and telling us we can’t show each other an image?