Correction: Today is Peeper Dee #179

This triune is short one soul by sunny lee

My peepers have been incorrectly numbered, and I’m not sure for how long.

Today’s Peeper should be #179. This handy web site gives what day of the year today is if you’re curious.

by biodork
by becky f
grocery gettin by jeremy dee

Recommended reading: Friendly Atheist

In an article titled, “Judge Tells Christian Counseling Student That Her School Was Right to Punish Her for Wanting to Convert Gay Clients,” Hemant Mehta writes:

It was only a week ago when the Michigan House of Representatives passed the “Julea Ward freedom of conscience act,” an act that would ban schools from punishing, say, Christian counseling students who don’t want to help gay clients.

Ward wasn’t the only Christian who refused to help people because of their sexual orientation.

Jennifer Keeton was in the same boat at Augusta State University in Georgia. She took things one step further. She made it clear that if any client ever tells her he’s gay, she’s going to respond by telling him he needs to be “cured.” She supported “conversion therapy,” something that doesn’t work and harms the patients.

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It’s Wednesdog!

This week’s Wednesdog is brought to you by Talulah.

Over the weekend, we visited our suburban friends whom we stayed with for a week in Hawaii. They have a small farm of animals; one dog, three cats, several fish and two rabbits.

These cats aren’t like Zoe. Talulah can get close to them without losing an eye.

Here’s a shot of Lu dog hoping to pounce on a can of Fancy Feast once the middle kitty is done licking the metal clean.

That’s Talulah’s depressed stance by the way. Sometimes, when it seems she’s bored, she hangs her head and looks up with big pouty eyes. It’ll break your heart.

We have to say, “Lulah, get your freaking head up! You don’t realize how well you’ve got it. You’re a spoiled brat and shouldn’t be down at all!”

She understands every word.

Here’s a bonus Wednesdog video of Talulah and Meg swimming in a dirty-ass pond near our hosts’ home.

Tina and the Passion Story

Tina is passionate about the Passion Story … you know, the Passion of the Christ, made hugely famous by Mel Gibson and no one else.

I was flipping channels last night waiting for the commercial break to end on the famous Family Guy episode when Peter turns gay during an experiment for science.

I flipped on the Christian Broadcast Network, which was showing Mel Gibson’s version of that brutal love story. Jesus was getting the shit kicked out of him — albeit quite passionately — just as he was handing over the cross to be carried by Simon the Cyrene.

“Look!” I said. “Jesus is showing you how much he loves you.”

“I’d rather have you fart on my face than watch this,” said Tina.

I laughed harder than when I watched this video of collected Family Guy flatulence seen below.