It’s Wednesdog!

This week’s Wednesdog is brought to you by Talulah.

Over the weekend, we visited our suburban friends whom we stayed with for a week in Hawaii. They have a small farm of animals; one dog, three cats, several fish and two rabbits.

These cats aren’t like Zoe. Talulah can get close to them without losing an eye.

Here’s a shot of Lu dog hoping to pounce on a can of Fancy Feast once the middle kitty is done licking the metal clean.

That’s Talulah’s depressed stance by the way. Sometimes, when it seems she’s bored, she hangs her head and looks up with big pouty eyes. It’ll break your heart.

We have to say, “Lulah, get your freaking head up! You don’t realize how well you’ve got it. You’re a spoiled brat and shouldn’t be down at all!”

She understands every word.

Here’s a bonus Wednesdog video of Talulah and Meg swimming in a dirty-ass pond near our hosts’ home.

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