off to a job

For all of you who were praying I’d sell my camera, I found a buyer.

I am going to sell it tonight. I’m thinking about buying another camera just like mine for just a bit more than I sold my other camera for.

Fact is, I love the quality that my camera puts out, and spending another $2000 on the newest model might not make a lot of sense.

Tina and I are off to a job this evening.

Get your PPDs in!


Focus on the Family’s focus motor is broken, probably unfixable

Check out this awesomely thought out section of a statement from Focus on the Family about the correlations between wildfires and abstinence only education in an

Focus on the Family's former logo.
Focus on the Family’s former logo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

article titled “Dig Deeper: Same Wisdom Applied to Sexual Risk Avoidance as Wildfires”:

Certain questions arise: Why aren’t our schools, our states and our nation placing a clear and unquestionable priority on sexual risk avoidance (SRA)? Why are we intentionally spending billions of dollars handing kids matches (condoms), which result in careless (sexual) “fires” and treating victims who have been unnecessarily burned by sex (STDs, pregnancy)? Wouldn’t prevention be cheaper and healthier? “Safe” sex education – or promoting casual sex, while handing out condoms and birth control to kids – is analogous to passing out matches to kids in school, and telling them, “Be sure you play safely with these in the forest and, above all, have fun!”

I hear the original draft of the above was written in crayon.

When idiots want to control the sexuality of kids, they write pathetic drivel like that.

And where are the same activists when it comes to faithful, sexual habits in adults? Focus on the Family doesn’t care about the family. It’s completely unfocused on methods of teaching that work.

I will forever condemn and hate the abstinence-only education that the leadership of my past gave me. And by leadership, I mean myopic assholes.

Sure. Don’t give two kids a hotel room and a batch of condoms and say, “Here’s a porn for you to figure it out.”

But for Christsakes, give kids some education.

The entirety of all cultures and the animal kingdom is based on sex. Sex. An act that is requisite for life to continue. The thing old idiots with nothing better to do call sex “dirty”. Do they not remember that sex is one of the most amazing ways to spend 30 minutes. Or in my case two.

But that’s not the point.

The point is Focus on the Family are jackasses without an ounce of understanding about the world and how to help kids understand sexuality. Avoidance is the Christian way, and it’s about goddamn time they figured that out.

Besides, you would think that if the almighty god of the universe really gave a shit about abstinence only education, he’d do something more direct and powerful than a goddamn forest fire to flex his mighty muscles.

Focus on the Family is the punchline to their own joke.

Photographic upgrade

CNN is getting batted down … hard … for screwing up the news about SCOTUS and Obamacare.

On that note, we’re listening to coverage of the events on the radio. Yes, it’s NPR, but Tina yelled out, “This is something your parents would be for right? I mean, religiously, it just makes sense.”

“NOPE!” I said. “Merely on political principal, mom and dad oppose affordable healthcare for the US population … just like Jesus would want. All hail capitalism and not helping people like the parable of the good Samaritan.”

Then I made a fart noise with my mouth.

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Do you want one of my cameras?

This is likely not the place to sell my camera, but I’m going to throw it out there. I’m selling my Canon 7D.

The package, if bought new would be over $2750. I’m looking for $1500.

I use it so very little and I’m hoping to replace it with a 5D Mark III.

So if you’re in the market, email me here. Let’s talk business and stuff.

I’d probably limit the sale to a domestic buyer.


What the believers are posting

Friend of the blog Julie Ferwerda’s recent blog post titled, “Maybe God is a Gay Black Woman” is an interesting read. You should check it out. Especially my dear believing readers.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t agree with Julie. I am, however, sympathetic to believers like her who are searching for truth and aren’t accepting the status quo as gospel (if you will).

The ideas that she conveys and writes about are very similar to the ones I had at the time I left Christianity. That’s to say that the oppression of women and homosexuality in the bible is likely a big ruse based on strong evidence.

I don’t know what these discoveries mean for her, but when I realized the amount of biblical changes made to the bible over the past two thousand (plus) years, I had to make a change. I drifted toward disbelief, albeit slowly, over the course of several years.

I was always taught the bible to be sacred, immutable truth. But scholarship explains things much differently.

Back in middle school or high school, I remember hearing about a conference where biblical scholars got together and determined what was true and what was false about the bible. I can’t remember what that conference was at the moment, but likely one of you does.

As soon as we caught word, we were taught how wrong this research was, all of which was determined without a lick of reaching the research.

That jarred me. Because looking back, I knew it was wrong to avoid actually reading the research. And to have leadership tell us that our involvement was unnecessary informed my brain that research was secondary or tertiary to “faith”.

Go read Julie’s post and tell me or her what you think.

Or don’t read it. And just be ignorant of what other people are writing.

Your choice.