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CNN is getting batted down … hard … for screwing up the news about SCOTUS and Obamacare.

On that note, we’re listening to coverage of the events on the radio. Yes, it’s NPR, but Tina yelled out, “This is something your parents would be for right? I mean, religiously, it just makes sense.”

“NOPE!” I said. “Merely on political principal, mom and dad oppose affordable healthcare for the US population … just like Jesus would want. All hail capitalism and not helping people like the parable of the good Samaritan.”

Then I made a fart noise with my mouth.

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4 thoughts on “Photographic upgrade

  1. Granted I only took like 13 years of religion classes and just as much church-going but I remember that Jesus dude was kind of a prick. I mean it was “fuck the poor” and “it ain’t my problem!” ALL THE TIME. Dude had a serious attitude problem man.

    At least I think I’m remembering that right…hmmm.

  2. Don’t you remember the bill he sent to Lazarus after raising him from the dead?

    He charged the blind man, what, through the nose for the spit alone he used to make mud and wipe it over his eyes.

    Republicans are simply following Christ’s lead on this issue, and we should praise them for their Christ-like leadership and attention to details.

    I’m loving this day!

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