new t-shirt design

I said the above in jest yesterday, but now I’m turning it into a million-dollar idea.

I mean, how many people are all, like, “Fuck that, it doesn’t pertain to me!”

So, “Fuck the environment. I don’t have kids.”

Irresponsibility at its best.

Or maybe it should be, “Fuck the environment. I ain’t got no kids.”

Recommended viewing: Pride Parade photos

Tina and I were out of town during this year’s Gay Pride Parade. This was the first time it started right in our neighborhood, and the photos from Time Out Chicago are mainly in our ‘hood.

So check out Max Herman‘s photos from Time Out Chicago found here.

I experienced my first gay pride parade back in 2000 when I moved here. I video taped it, and made a music video out of the footage.

I remember being shocked. But then there was mental expansion. I knew I was meant to be in a city after visiting here. But then to see just how accepting city folk are of different ideas and lifestyles, I had to say, “See you later, small towns and small minds.”

The best thing about the parade is how unifying it is. Everyone is at the parade, families, churches to partying teens.

You get a lot of churches in the parade showing off how accepting they are which is a welcome difference to the parts of this country who are hung up on biblical nonsense.

I personally don’t think you can reconcile the biblical view with reality. But there are people who absolutely need the idea of a higher power loving them, and, in a weird way, I’m thankful that these churches exist for them.

Last night we had dinner with a couple whom I marched with in a protest a few years ago hoping for equal rights for gay couples. And there is absolutely no way that hell exists when two people like Jay and Miles are a hospitable, kind and cool as they are.

Shame on him or her who looks down on a couple, who have been together just as long as Tina and me.

And by looks down, I mean he or she says shit like, “Love the sinner hate the sin.” Or whatever your church told you to say.

Don’t say that anymore.


It’s pathetic.

Brown chicken brown cow! Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Burlesque will tittle your tattles!

On Friday night, I photographed Hooter Rangers: A Spicy Morphing Burlesque show at Gorilla Tango Theatre in Bucktown for Time Out Chicago.

I’ve heard that this theatre exists. I helped Bill do head shots for one of the actors about a year ago. She performs in two of their shows, a Star Wars theme called, “A Nude Hope” and an Indiana Jones show called, “Temple of Boobs.

When she told me about the burlesque work she did, I thought, “Hmm, I should check it out.” But then I backburned it.

I was an idiot!

All I need to say is, Run, don’t walk, to see one or all of the shows at Gorilla Tango!

Hell, sprint.

Sitting their photographing, I was trying to decide if I was having as much fun or more than the crowd … who was obviously having a blast. As an audience member, you’re encouraged to hoot and holler, albeit respectfully, or you’ll get kicked out on the street.

I knew the Power Rangers TV Show enough to understand what they were parodying, which may have helped, but certainly wasn’t necessary.

The level of sexy heat that the women brought to the stage is hands down one of the biggest turnons you can get in the city. The great thing about the performers is how real they are, but when a real woman brings it … I mean owns every ounce of her body and turns on the heat … I couldn’t help but love it.

By real, I mean, there were all kinds of body types, and by the end of the show, I was just as turned on by the performers whom I thought might not do it for me. I don’t know if that sounds douchy to write. It seems like it.

But it’s meant as a compliment.

There was a nerdy ranger who, by the end of one of her strip teases, I had to say, “Be still my beating heart.” And by beating heart, I mean … wow!

What I think works about the show is it basically gives permission to women to own the bodies mother nature gave them. Watching Tina’s face go through the film, you could see her feel validated. Seeing other women show off their bodies made her feel more comfortable to show of hers.

Sometimes she doesn’t feel comfortable in a bathing suit, which I don’t agree with.

But sexy from a magazine and sexy from real life are two different things. I personally prefer the latter.

As a former believer, I still have to wrestle with feelings about overt sexuality. And pangs of guilt still bang against my skull. It’s like I have to question if burlesque is really something a moral, outstanding person should enjoy.

And I say, “Yes!” I say go with your spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend. Straight, gay, whatever. The show is a blast. It’s a brilliant way to spend an hour on a Friday night.

I promise it will make these hot nights in the city even hotter.

I’ll share photos once their published at Time Out Chicago.