Thanks to Luis and Becky, our house is spic and span

You know how it is, you’re expecting company and you clean your house so well that even the ants think they’re dining in the lap of luxury.

That’s how we roll when company is expected.

It’s literally spic and span, and not because there will be two — two! — Puerto Ricans in the house this weekend.

Luis and Becky, our New York connection and the wedding we did back in March kids, are on their way this morning. And they’re staying with us!

We even bought new curtains, which Tina absolutely adores. She feels all grown up.

I, on the other hand, had to say bye bye to my bachelorhood all together. Not having curtains was the last stand I was making to hold on to my single days.

Boy, are they in for a treat. We have everything here. Good food. Great sight seeing. And the hottest weather since hell got stunk out.

You can even read what Becky wrote about anticipating the trip here.

I’ll do my best publishing anything at all while they’re here, let alone Peeper Dee’s. Bare with me. I’m going to concentrate on them, not you. Sorry, Charlies.

Have a great Thundering Thursday. Watch out for the bad guys. And walk recklessly.