This sweet-ass Obama graphic is going around

I love this graphic that’s going around banging the record of unemployment under Obama’s watch and the dumb fact that Obama said that it’s a step in the right direction.

I get it. I would use it, too, if I were conservative and thought magic Romney would be the right choice for the next four years of leadership in this country.



It’s Caturday!

Today’s quickly-written Caturday is brought to you by my neighbor’s cat Chloe.

We looked after Chloe while her keeper went on an all-American road trip through the northern Mid-west.

Give yourself a bath in catnip today and keep warm.

I mean, cool.


Luis & Becky visit going strong. In other news, it’s hot as hell, should it exist

Today is day three of Luis and Becky’s Chicago visit. We’re having a blast showing off our beautiful city.

Thursday, they arrived early and we dropped their luggage at our place. And then jumped in the car and drove to Taylor Street for an authentic Chicago Beef, Brat or Polish.

That’s our staple visitor attraction as others of you can attest.

Then we did a bit of a driving tour since the heat was extreme. We aimed to go to Graceland Cemetery, but they close promptly at 4:30, but their gates were closed at 4:15.

Pizza Pies!

Dinner that night was a couple homemade pizzas. We ended up just catching up for the evening and calling it a night.

We made reservations to take the architectural boat tour in the morning. By the time we got out there, it was so damn hot you could cook an egg on Luis’s forehead.

The tour was really fun, and I strongly recommend it if you visit Chicago. Then we ran for air conditioned cover and ate a light lunch.

We set our aim at the Art Institute, stopping quickly at the Cloud Gate (the “Bean”) and the beautiful Pritzker Pavilion. The A/C in the Art Institute was a welcome attraction.

We were able to walk through the new contemporary wing, in which I overheard a woman telling her out-of-town guests, “There’s really no art in this wing, but the people watching is amazing.” Meanwhile they were passing through some amazing photography, clothing designs and abstract art.


We trained it back home, and found an amazing hole-in-the wall Mexican restaurant called Chilam Balam. I can’t say I was thrilled with the service. It was neither here nor there.

And they have this dumbass rule that your whole party must be there for you to sit down even when there’s all but one table available. It was nauseating to watch the hostest tell people that repetitiously and robotically. I could see it happening when they filled up, but come on.

But the food! The food was a amazing. It’s more tapas than entrées, and all four of us shared every dish. Which, if I were more famished, I could totally see myself fighting like rabid dogs over the items we ordered.

We had:

  • Skatewing tacos, beer batter, blueberry pico de gallo
  • Blossom quesadilla, queso chihuahua, avocado salsa, baby swiss chard
  • Grilled pork ribs, honey-pasilla sauce, radishes, crema and queso fresco
  • Grilled flank steak,roasted potato, crispy onion, guajillo chile and cilantro
  • Corn masa memelas, black beans, aged goat cheese, arbol salsa and dressed shoots
  • Sweet empanadas, peanut butter filling, seasonal compote, Oaxacan chocolate

It’s a BYOB, so we brought a bottle of wine and they sold us, basically insisted, that we buy their virgin Sangria and add our bottle to it. It was good, but I didn’t appreciate the waiter’s salesmanship on that one.

After dinner, we stopped by my brother-in-law’s record store before driving up to the Al Capone’s old speakeasy, The Green Mill, to listen to a set from  HOWARD LEVY & ACOUSTIC EXPRESS.

Then we called it a night.

I call that a great day.