Ted Nugent flies around in his time machine all day. By time machine, I mean copious amounts of hallucinogenics

Decrepit, tired out, waste of space in the universe Ted Nugent recently wrote the following in this Washington Post “editorial” (emphasis mine):

Chief Justice Roberts squandered the opportunity to restore judicial, financial and legislative sanity to a government that by any sane person’s standards is insane and addicted to centralized federal control of our lives.

Because our legislative, judicial and executive branches of government hold the 10th Amendment in contempt, I’m beginning to wonder if it would have been best had the South won the Civil War. Our Founding Fathers’ concept of limited government is dead.

Because of the chief justice’s vote, Fedzilla just burped and is now prepared to gobble up even more of our tax dollars, more of our GDP and limit even more opportunity in the private sector.

Washington Post published this piece of shit, because somewhere or somehow they think someone agrees with him. And there are probably more people than I care to imagine.

Nugent is like the high school joke jock who can’t stand that he fucked up the final play in the last game, and can’t live it down.

What a disappointment. Everyone else moves forward. Nugent drags his heels and hopes everyone helps him recreate the game.

5 thoughts on “Ted Nugent flies around in his time machine all day. By time machine, I mean copious amounts of hallucinogenics

  1. I know another side of Ted Nugent, that rated his ugly head while I was stationed in Baghdad in 2004, he was performing as one of the entertainers, traveling with the Toby Keith Review, the concert took place on a small makeshift stage near the center of Baghdad, near what was left of Sudam’s presidential Palace. Toby put on a tremendous show, had everyone listening, and almost crying, when he sang his trade-mark songs to salute all of us that dared to attend, during the concert Mortar rounds were hitting close by as the bad guys, tried to get lucky with one of their rockets. Toby had everyone spell-bound, as he saluted us, as was given gifts of hats and tee shirts by the commanders and soldiers, of course, everyone wanted to have them some autographed by our new hero. There are not a lot of happy things that happen to you, when you are in the combat zone for over 3years, especially, when I started losing my soldiers and last commander, so, he was welcomed.

    The show took a new turn when Ted Nugent was brought out, as Toby’s surprise guest, we all wanted to hear the legend perform his legendary electric guitar routine, instead, he started bad mouthing the government, the leadership of the commands, President Bush, my supreme commander, and everyone, he considered part of the establishment, all this was riddled with his four-letter words, Toby wanted to go and hide, the soldiers booed him and the commanders wanted a piece of him, his musicianship was incredible, but, after his antics, everything changed, when the Stars and Stripes Newspaper came out, Ted Nugent’s name, nor photos were even listed, as though he was never there. Ted did not come for the soldiers, he came for himself, the rest of Toby’s concerts, after this one did not include Ted Nugent, and Toby came to his senses. I finally came out of Baghdad in March 2006 and retired, MSG, E-8, disabled, with 30 years in April 2007.

    There would not have been any publicity on that show, outside of the theater of operation, I am sure for publicity and political problems. If I had been in the position, and had the power, I would have deported Ted Nugent to some other country.

    I apologize for the soap-box, but, I was there, and suffered with everyone else,

    Ret., Disabled, MSG Leum/John

  2. This is so sad. Ted Nugent is immensely selfish. I have no words to explain how messed up I think this is. He runs around proclaiming himself as the existential patriotic American when in reality he’s the polar opposite.

      1. That bot must be loco like the Nooge, lol. I see it’s moniker is “tea Service”. I wonder if it’s attaching itself to posts about infamous teabaggers.

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