Naked Pastor: Atheist *and* a Christian … there’s a grace for that

Naked Pastor David Hayward recently updated this to Facebook:

“Did you know you can be a christian and an atheist at the same time and be at peace? I’m living proof.”

If the conversation that followed is not available without friending or subscription at the above link, I recommend doing either.

I also recommend reading his followup blog post about it here.

I have a sensitive spot for the David Haywards and the Julie Ferwerda’s in the world. Those grownups who have figured out that the facts don’t align with the teachings, and that it’s okay to question, doubt aloud, and pursue “alternate” truths.

I certainly don’t agree that God is a necessary factor in the formula. But I feel like if I were to retain faith, Hayward’s version would be at the top of my list.

Truth is, we all know what it’s like to be an atheist. All of us. Every single Christian practices some sort of atheism toward a HUGE list of gods.

Hayward has figured out that he feels atheistic toward the god whom he finds the best one.

And that — at least to me — is honesty.

There are some mental gymnastics necessary to come to that conclusion, but hell, why not?

At least folks like Hayward have come to something closer to a logical conclusion than most.

And I appreciate that.

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