You say “real men’s wear”, I say “real men swear,” bitches.

I recently met a dude — Michael Kiser — that runs (helps run, maybe) this site called

It’s fucking hilarious.

And Kiser, he’s likely better than you are in a few different ways. Namely that he drinks better beer than you ever do. I’m going to write more about that later.

And if Joanne Casey doesn’t pick up a couple of these for herself, I’ll see her next fucking Tuesday.

The one below is a GIF.

Doug Sonders: 12 Career Tips For New And Emerging Photographers

We love lists. You love lists. I love lists.

Check out this list of 12 Career Tips For New And Emerging Photographers from one of my favorite photographers Douglas Sonders.

One of my favorites from the list is:

4. CARRY YOUR WORK EVERYWHERE: Cannot count how many people ask me if I am a paparazzi or a wedding photographer or children’s photographer (and all these things I am not), when they hear I am a photographer. Want to wow someone? Carry your best work with you. I suggest keeping images on your smartphone or carry an iPod touch with you. Being able to pull out your work at the drop of a hat is crucial in this day and age. Say you meat a potential client. How are you going to prove you are worthy or make yourself memorable? It’s not like you are selling a basic retail item, you are selling yourself and your work. Show them what you can do.

Check out the rest at the link above.

See you next Tuesday Anne Graham Lotz: Pornography Sign of End Times

Anne Graham Lotz says that pornography — a non-human army —  is seeping into society like a locust invasion. It’s destroying culture, and it’s a sign of the end times.

If by “sign of the end times” she means a rise in my Levis, well, spot on good, Anne. You’ve nailed it right on the head.

You’ve splattered the truth right over your own face.

You’ve predicted the battle of the bulge against my shorts. You’ve prophesied the tent making skills of the one-eyed monster wearing a skin turtleneck.

What’s that? Huh.

Speak up. I am having trouble understanding.

Anne Graham Lotz thinks pornography will usher in the apocalypse and she’s not happy about it?

Is she a freaking idiot?

The end times equals an early meeting with her savior Jesus. She’ll finally meet her maker and she’s talking like it’s a bad thing?

Well, shrivel me wieners.

What a prude.

I like your spray tan, Anne. And your necklace.

They make me think of this sweet porn site that my Christian friends told me about.



Lovestruck: Lennon 12 and Maisy 8 sing their version of Imogen Heap’s song headlock.

Seriously? There is something about these two that blow me away.

And they remind me of how the concept of a deity is unlikely. How are there people who suck the good out of everything, while there is lottery winning sweetness like these two girls?

Is it because of a cosmic battle that you, nor I, can prove or disprove?

No. It’s nature. Timing.

It’s unfair, really.

In the meantime, shut up and let me listen to these two sing this song for the 100th time.

Holy shit, it’s beautiful.

Clam feet are very tongue-like

If you watch one video today, make it this one. It’s a clam on a table sticking what looks like a tongue out and feeling salt.

Apparently the clam’s owner thought the protrusion was the clam’s tongue, but clam lovers are saying that’s the clam’s appendage that it uses to move itself and feel its surroundings.

See the YouTube comments for more information.


Via Kottke

Phew, they’re gone … now we can run around in our underpants again!

Our visit with Luis V. and Becky F. over the weekend came to a close on Sunday. We had an excellent time, and despite the heat, we were able to pack in some solid sightseeing.

You can read about the first couple days here.

On Saturday, Becky asked if we wouldn’t mind driving out to Oak Park to hunt for some rascally Frank Lloyd Wright homes. It ended up being easier and more fun than I thought.

Wright homes are gorgeous and inspiring to look at. Becky found a sweet iPhone app that helped map and identify the homes. It also gave similar descriptions to ones you might hear if you paid for the tour.

On our way to Oak Park, we drove through some of the roughest looking neighborhoods I’ve seen.

At one point I said, “I’ll let everyone know when you have to duck from gun fire.”

It was shadyland.

Becky’s and Luis’s hanging meal — if you will — was dining at a restaurant called The Pump Room located in the Public hotel of Chicago’s uppity Gold Coast. The restaurant and hotel were recently renovated under the creative eye of Interior Designer Ian Schrager, whom Tina and I recently heard speak at one of our jobs.

Schrager is known for many accomplishments, but Studio 54 is one of the most impressive.

Note: hanging meals are what Tina and I call the meal before leaving each other for a while. While other people believe heaven is supernatural, we believe heaven is together. So while we’re apart, it’s hell. Time apart is a metaphor for an execution of sorts. So the hanging meal is the last major meal before temporary separation. It also applies to good friends.

After dinner, we unbuttoned our top pants buttons or loosened our dress straps, drove back to our place, leashed up Talulah and walked to the lake front, where Talulah desperately wanted to go for a dip in the water.

Should she have escaped my white-knuckled grip on the leash, I would have gladly pushed Luis in after her.


We got back to the house, talked till the Great Yawn Coup d’état of July 7, 2012 and called it a night.

Sunday, we sent the New Yorkers packing, said our adieus and cried the rest of the day.

Not really.

Great visit and memories made. Now that’s a way to spend a weekend.




Pat Robertson says slavery was the old way of doing things …

I’ve heard this explanation before like the one Pat Robertson gives before. You can ignore the slavery in the bible, because that’s something that was acceptable at that time.

And somehow the bible is the inerrant word of god.

It’s amazing how well a believer gets his or her mind around slavery in the bible.

And this is no small feat.

Perhaps we should give Pat Robertson two 9s and an 8.5 for this acrobatic move.

While it’s coming out of his mouth, how does he not say, “Wait just a dang minute. This book we say we love is full of shit! Let’s ignore a lot more parts of the bible. Together! Forever.”