See you next Tuesday Anne Graham Lotz: Pornography Sign of End Times

Anne Graham Lotz says that pornography — a non-human army —  is seeping into society like a locust invasion. It’s destroying culture, and it’s a sign of the end times.

If by “sign of the end times” she means a rise in my Levis, well, spot on good, Anne. You’ve nailed it right on the head.

You’ve splattered the truth right over your own face.

You’ve predicted the battle of the bulge against my shorts. You’ve prophesied the tent making skills of the one-eyed monster wearing a skin turtleneck.

What’s that? Huh.

Speak up. I am having trouble understanding.

Anne Graham Lotz thinks pornography will usher in the apocalypse and she’s not happy about it?

Is she a freaking idiot?

The end times equals an early meeting with her savior Jesus. She’ll finally meet her maker and she’s talking like it’s a bad thing?

Well, shrivel me wieners.

What a prude.

I like your spray tan, Anne. And your necklace.

They make me think of this sweet porn site that my Christian friends told me about.



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