Playful dogs don’t look so playful

Here’s a frame from a recent doggie shoot. Scary, huh?


Big brother Brady definitely doesn’t look too friendly, but I can assure you it’s just a split second of a moment when Brady might have looked more vicious than he is.

It took me a little while to get used to Talulah playing with other big dogs. It’s easy to misconstrue playfulness with real fighting.

Now I’m that doggie dad who is all, “Oh, let ’em play. They’re having fun.” Meanwhile, the other parent thinks Talulah’s having her breakfast.


Starships were meant to fly … I’m scareder than a mother fucker

As far as I know, I’m scheduled to shoot Nicki Manaj tonight at Chicago Theater. My editor asked me to shoot her over a week ago. And while I’m not a fan, I feel like it would be great to have another larger act/big name under my belt.

This morning, I did some Manaj  “research”, and apparently I am more familiar with her work than I thought.

I just watched most of the video above, and there’s a line — in a high-pitched voice —  that goes, “I’m higher than a mother fucker.” They repeat it throughout the song. I’m looking forward to seeing how that part is played out as I imagine this is going to be one of the songs I shoot at the concert.

It appears that her fan base consists of a lot people whom I don’t quite understand. Which is great, because I’ll mark it down as a cultural experience as well.

I’ll be sure to get as many pictures as I possibly can of the people and things I see. I might have to sign a pretty hefty release on this which would dictate the amount of images I can share.

If I woke up with a Nicki Manaj song in my head this morning, I’m in trouble tomorrow.

I’m also having two cavities refilled today.

So I’ll be seeing about Novocain at some point, too.