Starships were meant to fly … I’m scareder than a mother fucker

As far as I know, I’m scheduled to shoot Nicki Manaj tonight at Chicago Theater. My editor asked me to shoot her over a week ago. And while I’m not a fan, I feel like it would be great to have another larger act/big name under my belt.

This morning, I did some Manaj  “research”, and apparently I am more familiar with her work than I thought.

I just watched most of the video above, and there’s a line — in a high-pitched voice —  that goes, “I’m higher than a mother fucker.” They repeat it throughout the song. I’m looking forward to seeing how that part is played out as I imagine this is going to be one of the songs I shoot at the concert.

It appears that her fan base consists of a lot people whom I don’t quite understand. Which is great, because I’ll mark it down as a cultural experience as well.

I’ll be sure to get as many pictures as I possibly can of the people and things I see. I might have to sign a pretty hefty release on this which would dictate the amount of images I can share.

If I woke up with a Nicki Manaj song in my head this morning, I’m in trouble tomorrow.

I’m also having two cavities refilled today.

So I’ll be seeing about Novocain at some point, too.

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