It’s the group you know you want to be a part of … and not because they’re dead.


David Niose featured a bunch of hot nonbelievers and skeptics in a recent HuffPo (that dirty, liberal rag) article.

The list is great, and tittles my tattle that I have something in common with people I’ve thought fondly of, even before my choice to give up the good lord.

Go read about it here.

On the list, Katherine Hepburn, Mark Twain, A. Philip Randolph, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Carl Sagan, John Dewey and Billy Graham.

Oh wait.

Bill Graham isn’t on the list.

He is, I imagine, skeptical about a lot of gods and ideas. Just not his own.


Enjoy the list. Revel togetherness if you’re like me. If you’re not, you’ve got green on you.

Oh yeah, one thing about John Dewey. Back in High School, a class taught me how evil he was. Dewey. No, not the Dewey Decimal System guy.

Dewey the philosopher and educational reform guy.

He had liberal ideas. Liberal equals the devil, where I grew up. And if the devil is bad, that’s just alright by me.


chicago skyline and things that make me laugh








It’s a busy wonky day for us today. So I’m throwing a quickie at you.

Just take it like the loose woman or man you are.

I took the above photo on the 4th of July. Click to enlarge. What a great town I live in.

And below are things that make me laugh.




Thank God I wasn’t shot when other people got shot in that shooting. God is good all the time.

Regular reader Jude sent me this interesting article about a shooting on Danzig Street in Toronto. Or is it a neighborhood? I’m not clear.

Although, I can’t help but be excited that there’s a Danzig Street in Toronto. But this story is hardly anything to be excited about.

The facts: there was a shooting. This neighborhood where the shooting happened creates fear in its neighbors. Two people died. The police used Twitter to raise awareness and spread news about the horrible event.

Go read the article here. It republished the tweets associated with the event.

At first, the tweets come from Sgt. Tim Burrows, who is in charge of social media for the Toronto Police. But after a while, community members get in on the action.

At one point, there’s this tweet:

If there’s one thing that’s consistent about belief, it’s this perpetual, egocentric idea that if you — as in you, not the victims of a heinous crime or accident — are kept safe, than God equals love, protection and safety.

It’s wildly ironic. It’s crazily dissonant.

If you were the family of the deceased, where is god’s greatness? How quick would you forget greatness at that point? Is it that he took your loved one to be with him, while you suffer?

I know, I know. God’s ways aren’t our ways. He’s mysterious.

We’ll have to ask him why he did such puzzling things when we get to heaven.

Or … he’s not there. He’s an illusion. He’s a figment. He’s made up, and there’s no more chance that you wouldn’t be there than the person who was … was.

Thanks, Jude!