Peeper Dee #200

by Luis V.

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It’s Wednesdog!

Today’s Wednesdog is brought to you by 10-week old Great Dane Cash. He’s gotten a lot of attention around here lately, and it’s certainly warranted.

The damn Dane is cute as a mother fucker.

We mentioned him last week and that we were scheduling a photo shoot with him. You may have seen some of these shots already, but together?


How cute is this pup!



Wednesday nooner: Lightning strikes twice

I got an email inviting me to give a seminar on social media marketing in October in Balitmore. They’d pay us to do the trip, give the seminar and they’d even pay for us to fly back to Chicago … what a deal.

My head is spinning trying to develop my presentation.

Later this morning, I got an email saying I made the list of photographers for Lollapalooza.

Holy shit!

I thought my dreams had come true when I landed the Red Hot Chili Peppers a month ago.

This is blowing my mind.

Shooting Lollapalooza is a landmark career high for me. If you would have asked me five years ago whether I’d be someone shooting top acts in the music industry and getting flown to locations to talk about my experiences, I’d tell you that you had the wrong guy.

Was it a dream of mine? Hell, yes.

Did I think it would ever happen?

Fuck, no.

I mean, I could Deepak Chopra it up and be all, “I told the universe what I wanted and I got it.”

But I’d be hard pressed to lie to you like that.

I’m a cynic. I’m self doubting and self deprecating about 85% of every day.

My dad. He would say it’s providence. It’s divinity guiding the way.

But if it’s divinity, then I expect more people to have their dreams come true. Does divinity smile on little old me more than little old you? And maybe your dreams are coming true every day, too.

That doesn’t change five-year old Jimmy with Leukemia’s plight and his dream of being cancer free.

That doesn’t change my neighbor’s who sleep in my backyard and dream of better days while guzzling their second forty.

My luck doesn’t indicate a deity. It indicates the opposite.

I’m not sure anyone was praying for me to have these things happen today. And if they were, I guess they’re prayers have been answered …

Mmm, douchebaggery tastes like chicken

In a HuffPo article titled, “Dan Cathy, Chick-Fil-A President, On Anti-Gay Stance: ‘Guilty As Charged‘” the fast-food CEO tells us why his chicken tastes so good.

It’s because it’s made from the hands of people who love hetero sex so much that anything else would be like squirting diarrhea on french fries.

Dan Cathy, a man with vision. A man who reads the parts of the bible when Jesus recommends throwing babies against rocks and sees that as a completely legitimate way to raise a family.

Maybe there are large boulders in the play areas of his restaurants that he wants his guests to throw their babies against! That place is sooooo biblical.

Dan Cathy, a gentle soul, with the love for a brutal god who threw Satan from heaven to taunt 2/3rds of the world’s population with tasty, tasty flaming molten lava burgers knows the way to eternal bliss.

He also wants you to eat more of his battered fried chicken sandwiches and bloat your heart with greasy, heart attack fries.

I love this guy. He loves you!

And Jesus loves you!

Just not all of you!

I gotta clean off my desktop

While I’m surfing the Internets, I pull a lot of different graphics to throw up (hee hee) on the blog.

The intent is that, when I might be too busy to post something of substance, I post something silly.

There’s an accumulation of collected images on my desktop, so I’m going to post them below and clean them off.

Enjoy. Or not.