Make your own #Chick-Fil-A … more of the flavor and friendly to everyone

I saw this posted a few different places, and with all the hullabaloo about Chick-Fil-A being complete assholes about marriage equality, this woman figured out how to make a bone fide Chick-Fil-A wannabe sammich.

And by sammich, I mean sammy sam sammich.

I like the recipe for a couple reason, but the biggest one is you can learn how to make a spicy version of it too (read the about on the link).

Chick-Fil-A has already turned on the spin cycle trying to backtrack from their CEO’s closet-cleaning stance. Check this post from Joe My God.

Another part about the recipe is the cook says that there is MSG in the sandwich from Chick-Fil-A, which explains why I crave it like no ones business when I’m visiting North Carolina.

There is a Chick-Fil-A downtown Chicago, but I have a feeling it’s going to experience a major slowing of business. I haven’t heard one person in this area who stands behind dumbass Jim Cathy’s admission.

I’m not sure why anyone would support that guy’s business anymore. What a loon.

Makes sense: George Zimmerman has a direct line with the god of brutality

TMZ — the bloodiest, shittiest rag of all time — has posted George Zimmerman interview from Sean Hannity and it’s a wing-ding zinger!

Go check it out here.

Zimmerman says it was “god’s plan” to kill Trayvon and that he’d do it again if he had the chance.

You know, “god’s plans” are your plans. And if you want to kill someone, invoke the name of god and you’re a solid candidate for a looney toons character strung out on bath salts.

Of course, Trayvon’s mother — biased in her view of herself, I mean, god — said that she doesn’t believe in the same version of god.

But which one of these godly people are right?

Tah dah!

They both are!

I shall clap my hands like I’m dusting erasers. My job here is finished.

Thanks, Bill!


US Airlines, sweet travel vouchers, this is your final notice, scams and you

Nothing says, “I want to waste my money and throw it down the toilet” like falling for one of these scams from US Airlines.

Look at this crap I got in the mail. It looked so official. It was one of those envelopes that you have to tear off all the edges to reveal … what is it? … what can it be? … a fake check for $1,398.00.

It’s an AWARD NOTIFICATION for an airline that doesn’t exist. I’ve actually received one of these before several years ago. That one was a final notice, too.

Everything looks so legit!

And Suzanne Till signed it with her own dot matrix printer.

Well, Suzanne Till can rub my balls with her nubby fingers, because this shit wreaks of scam.

And google searches don’t help matters. Here’s a fun one who claims to have received take down notices from the company. That’s awesome!

Any of you have stories about these mail-order grifters? Do you have a nugget from the Confidence Artists at US Airlines Travel Union?

Remind yourselves not to fall for this like you did that faith you hold so dear. Said and done, if you can’t see the goods, it’s a scam.


For all of you who are looking this scam up, do you have any stories to relay? Please put them in the comments. 

******END UPDATE*******