US Airlines, sweet travel vouchers, this is your final notice, scams and you

Nothing says, “I want to waste my money and throw it down the toilet” like falling for one of these scams from US Airlines.

Look at this crap I got in the mail. It looked so official. It was one of those envelopes that you have to tear off all the edges to reveal … what is it? … what can it be? … a fake check for $1,398.00.

It’s an AWARD NOTIFICATION for an airline that doesn’t exist. I’ve actually received one of these before several years ago. That one was a final notice, too.

Everything looks so legit!

And Suzanne Till signed it with her own dot matrix printer.

Well, Suzanne Till can rub my balls with her nubby fingers, because this shit wreaks of scam.

And google searches don’t help matters. Here’s a fun one who claims to have received take down notices from the company. That’s awesome!

Any of you have stories about these mail-order grifters? Do you have a nugget from the Confidence Artists at US Airlines Travel Union?

Remind yourselves not to fall for this like you did that faith you hold so dear. Said and done, if you can’t see the goods, it’s a scam.


For all of you who are looking this scam up, do you have any stories to relay? Please put them in the comments. 

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242 thoughts on “US Airlines, sweet travel vouchers, this is your final notice, scams and you

  1. I harvest all scammer information from such items. Then use the scammer information to scam others scammers. Such as notices from other countries about lottery winnings, dead and dying unknown relatives, boxes of money at the airport just waiting for my deposit…etc.

    Nothing like turning scammers onto scammers. Works very well and keeps them busy for months.

    Try it.


  2. I received the same voucher today (Nov 6th), except it was dot-matrix ‘signed’ by Rachel Lue. Also, the voucher was dated Oct 24th and had to “be redeemed by November 7, 2012.” Ha! I didn’t recognize the airline logo, so I began by performing an internet search for US Airlines. Sure enough – US Airlines doesn’t exist!

    1. Thanks for your comment, KDR.

      I rec’d another notice in the mail recently.

      It’s pretty much the same as before. Same dollar amount and everything.

      1. I just received a voucher today dated Dec. 27,2012 saying final notice but same as the others $1,298.00 American exact check & tear offs signed Jane Lyn funny thing is I had a phone message saying I won 1 of 4 prizes from an entry to a contest for a car I entered in last year. But no names of company is used and though I think I entered one at the mall this feels quite fishy along with the scam check that came today

      2. Marlo says
        Received the identical voucher. Had no time to reply. So I replied tonight. They said “awe you missed the redeem date, well lets see what we can do for you”. So they offered the same deal. But she,Judy Collins said, “Oh we’re not in your area anymore.” But we are now in Bluebell, Pa. We can arrange for a meeting down here. She said “she just mapquested me, (my address) and said it was over and hour to get down there from where I live.” I said really. It sounded to good to be true, so I said Okay. Made and appointment for the 14th. The more I thought of it I decided to google it. This is the address she gave me to be at for the meeting: 450 Sentry Parkway
        Suite 102
        Bluebell, Pa. 19422
        They wanted you to bring a photo ID, Credit Card (just to see),an gross income of $50.000 or more, and a spouse or partner if you had one. She also said there would be a bonus gift if we just showed up and listened and visited their sight. The gift was a 3 day-2 night stay at any hotel of your choice. But please call the above number to confirm the appointment. So after reading these scam articles. I called back to cancel the appointment. I talked to “Breezy” (yeah right), she put me on hold and then a male person by the name of Ryan Johnson came on the phone. He was polite. I told him I was canceling at this time. He asked, “Why?” I politely told him it wasn’t a good time for us right now. AND WITHOUT SAYING GOODBYE OR THANK YOU–HE HUNG UP ON ME! I’m still on the phone going
        “Ryan, Ryan are u still there?” AND ALL I HEAR IS DIAL TONE!
        I gave them my e-mail address–I wonder if they can hack into my account and my computer?

      1. I got one yesterday, the 1 for $1,298.00, signed by Jane Lyn! Postmarked December 18th 2012, must be redemed by Jan. 4th! Do people not realize there is no longer a US Airlines! REALLY?!?$%&@!

      2. My travel voucher was for 1350.00 and I had to make an appt to visit a new travel agency trying to get started in this area. Great, now I don’t get my free tickets to anywhere in the USA. 😦

      3. I received one today. The award notification check voucher from US Airlines for 2 RT tickets. The check was for $1,350 and signed by Ashley Faye. There is a “Memo” on the bottom left that says “Must be redeemed for travel certificate”.

        The contact number is 866-994-5909 and the bank is Travel Union in Scottsdale , Az. Which does not exist.

        I fell for a Comcast email stating my Internet and cable services will be disconnected unless i update my CC and personal acct information. This webpage was identical to Comcasts. Foolishly I did this and within a week there was 37 accts opened for $600 each at Toys R Us, T Mobile, Lowes, Home Depot, Fingerhut, etc all over the SE US. It took 2 years to fix thru LifeLock and Debix. It would have been worse if the Fraud department at one of the department stores didnt catch the fact that the IP address was in another state than me.

        These people should be crucified.

  3. This fictitious company has been sending these letters to my 14 year old son. I’m assuming he signed up for something he shouldn’t have at some point in time. Exactly the same as KDR’s. Signed by R Lue, for $1400, must be redeemed by November 5th, 2012. It also advised to call 1-866-753-0518.

  4. I called the number and spoke to a lady named Ginny. I’m supposed to have a meeting with my wife on Saturday at 4. It’s for a place called Vacation and Deals. They have a website too. Supposedly, it’s a travel agency trying to get word of mouth advertising. I’m thinking of going, but not sure if I should waste my time. Ginny said that we only have to spend 90 minutes and we need to bring a driver’s license and credit card for identification. They are adamant that the credit card will not leave our possession and is only for identification purposes. We’ll see if my wife wants to go.

    1. Doesn’t that request for credit card sound suspicious? I mean, you could contest charges if something happened.

      But they have your ID and your CC. They are steps away from identity theft.

      1. i bet if you look close enough at the meeting there will be camera’s which can zoom in on your DL and CC and take pictures of it and forge a new one…. duh… they say debit and atm cards don’t count as they can’t forge those without your pin, but a check book or credit card is the only thing they accept. if the government doesn’t ask for it to identify you then no one else should. and if they do it’s a scam. not even blockbuster asked for a CC card to identify you.. they asked for a DL and piece of mail. scam scam scam scam.!!! but by all means go and get your ID stolen then cry about it and then sue for damages… or better yet, call them back and give them your CC number SS number and DL number and name. thats all they want anyways.

      2. Same thing happened to me tonight. The guy on the phone said something crazy though. He said if the fact we want to see your credit card sounds fishy to you then you can even put black tape over the numbers. We just want to see your name. lol Not fooln this girl buddy!

  5. My voucher states that this is not a Timeshare or Land Sales offer. My issue number is 1008 and Document (or check looking doc) ID is OE-67968. The voucher is for 1400.00 and signed by R Lue.

    US Airlines (866) 309-0467

  6. I got one too today dated 11-2-12. It was my final notice but I don’t remember getting my first notice. Funny mine has a different phone number than the one listed in the post just above.

  7. Yup I got one of these yesterday (11/14/12) saying it had to be redeemed by 11/26/12. Looked just like a check in the amount of $1,298. Just like the post above, it referenced a final notice and that prior attempts to contact me had failed. It didn’t smell right from the start so I checked the web. Thank you for exposing this scam company!

  8. I got one today–a “final notice” for the amount of $1298. It’s actually signed in ink by “A Jan.” It has an 866 number to call too. Crazy!

    1. Mine is the same amount and signature as yours. The best part is the tag line “This is not a timeshare or land sales offer.” lol. A check that promises it’s real is pretty much a red flag in my book.

  9. Has anyone gone to the presentation? My wife and I are very strong against powerful “buy stuff” pressures. Just wondering…..

  10. I just received one in the mail today as well for $1,298.00 telling me to respond by 11-24-2012. It looks like a real check and could possibly entice someone who is hurting from anything free… Fortunately for me, I treat everything as suspect. If it is too good to be true 10 times out of 10 it probably is. The first thing I did was Google the information from this notice and ran across all kinds of warnings that this is a scam. Always trust your first instant.

    Thanks for the post

  11. from Omaha…received the same offer as above, redeem for 2 round trip ticket vouchers by 12/5, check for $1298.00 “signed” by Amanda Jon, limited time offer from “US Airlines”… Thanks for the heads up on this scam!

  12. Woodbine, Iowa here. Same offer. Redeem by 12/5. Check amount $1298.00. Signed by Amanda Jon. Phone number is 1-866-949-7186. Company on the check is: Travel Union, Phoenix, AZ 85006

    1. Chi-town…Amanda is busy…she signed my check and is expecting me to call by the 30th. Apparently the economy is hitting them hard too…I want the $1398.00 deal!!! LOL Thanks everyone for alerting me to this!

      1. Thanks…Omaha/Lincoln NE area. Same as mentioned above. Thank goodness people google prior to calling the number. I do appreciate everyone’s posts.

  13. I received one today, dated November 15, 2012, to be redeemed before December 4, 2012, in the amount of $1298.00. A contact number of 1-866-949-5793 was provided, along with a reference number of QV-83373. The check appears to have been signed by an A. Jan (or something to that affect). I work for a local financial agency, and due to the mass volume of scams we receive, I was tipped off instantly that this was such an item. It’s pitiful, though, that so many individuals fall for such scams. A sound word of advice, repeated time and time again, “If it is too good to be true, then it probably is.”

  14. Wow…received one today in the amount of $1298 signed by Amanda Jon and had to be redeemed by Dec 5th…guess she got a little lazy bc mine is dated November 16th, 5096!!! That was the obvious tipoff that this was BS! SMH

      1. Mine was Janet Ali $1298. by Dec.19th. It totally looks legit but the number didnt work when I tried it.1-886-949-1698. I only checked to see if it was legit cause I am waiting for a refund from travel agent and thought it was connected. Asses! How much does it cost to send out that much junk mail! I want to find then and burn down their homes while they are sleeping!!! Calm down whoever finds that too twisted lol I’m obviously not going to do that!

    1. I got this one too. It looked like it could be the real deal…glad I started looking around the Internet. Word really needs to get out about this stuff, some people would jump on the opportunity for that much in free travel…especially around the holidays. Identy theft is a tough thing to recover from.

    2. I’m from Farifax Virgina…got the exact same one today($1298 signed by J. Ali). Thanks everybody. Wasn’t going to respond anyway, but I REALLY appreciate all of the information presented here.
      Maybe I should forward the travel voucher to the poor old lady who lost her husband and is looking to give away his fortune? She can take a trip and meet another scammer. You know where they both can go!!!!

  15. Fayetteville Arkansas here, got one too! Lucky me! This business must be booming, mine has the travel union address in Scottsdale AZ. I spent time as a baiter of those Nigerian scams — pretending to be a victim but actually wasting their time and resources so they could not scam real victims. I got one lad in Nigeria to travel 500 miles on a bus (a safari if you will) to collect a lot of fictitious cash; it took 9 months and a few characters of my invention to gain his trust to get him on that bus… and it weren’t no Greyhound Bus either!. It took him a week to go that 500 miles! My mind is spinning on how I can waste these idiots time and resources.?.? P.S. I never heard from that lad again, not sure if he ever made it home—karma is a beotch.

  16. Alma Arkansas here, just got the $1298.00 check! I really hate to think of all the elderly people who will get stung by this scam. Thank you for having this info on line. If it’s too good to be true…it is almost always a scam.

    1. Yeah, but the sad part is that a lot of elderly people don’t search the Internet for scam information like this and end up getting ripped off in the end anyway.

      1. That is true, however my 75-year old neighbor sends out an email to his address book every time he travels that says “please hold all emails until I return on —-“.

      2. Ok that’s funny. My mothers man of the same age does the same message about holding all emails.
        I just haven’t figured out how or where to hold them

  17. Alma AR again, same check, I tried calling, sat on hold forever, same info as Frank. I pulled up this info while on hold. Mine signed in ink also. Guess they are working the area around Arkansas now.

  18. Here at Novi, Michigan. Received one 12/3 with $1298 and call number 1-866-949-4759. Signed by Janet Ali. Thanks to people spreading out the words on web.

  19. Also South Dakota – $1298.00 signed by “Janet Alli” phone 1-866-949-3882. Thanks for having honest info out on the web.

  20. South Jersey here – I got my notice on 12/4 but I needed to redeem my voucher by 12/3. AWWW shucks!! I missed the deadline! Too bad for me! Anyway, mine is not a check but a very poor replica of an airline boarding pass. I’m in group 6……is that good?? LOL I guess I should call 1-866-949-3819 to claim my $1298.

  21. I actually received one myself from US Airlines, and it looks so real, that my wife was bugged me to use, but too good to be true, so google it, and find this info. Thank you for your posts.

    1. Has any one gone? What is the scam? I thought you would meet sit through their sales presentation and get the tickets????? Not buy anything please meeting is tonight

  22. Just got mine in the mail. Janet Ali signed the so calle voucher. Got to be rip off. Don’t give them credit card info, they then have number and can scal mag strip.

  23. Just got mine in the mail tonight 12/5/2012 in NE and I have to admit is sure does look official. Mine is signed by Janet Ali and has check number 1008. Says last attempt to get in touch with me. I will not even waste my time with this thanks to this post.

  24. Just got mine in today.. dated Nov 21st with a redeemed date of Dec 10th 2012 Check amout 1298.00 for United Airways… I do fly alot and thats a airways I don’t know so I started to check.. and Nope no( United Airways).. and like everyone else FINAL NOTICE and I don’t remember getting any other notice’s.. the phone number on my check 1-866-949-3829 and singed by Juli … And my issued number is 1008 check number UA-76588.. I wounder how much this coast them to run.. Well thanks for the info..


  25. Same here just got mine Dec 5th and need to redeem dec 10th. I called the number and spoke to a lady named Ginny, I told her I did not have a checking account to cash the check so she needs to spend me the money on a pre-paid credit card. Because I want to fly to the north pole to see santa. She said she could not do that, i said is it because santa is not real just like united airways, the bitch hung up on me.

  26. Got mine today. Only mine says flight coupon and boarding pass and isn’t signed by anyone. Also it says check in time of 7:40am and departure time of 8:10am. I’d like to know who would get on a flight to no where????

  27. Received mine today. US Airlines, dated November 29, 2012 must be used by December 18th. Call 866-949-1890/ UH-65820 for $1298.00. The first red flag for me was: my name was spelled correctly my street number was right but the street name was partial and it was the incorrect appt#, the city, state and zip was correct. I’m wondering how they got my information. 2nd red flag was: it had to be redeemed by December 18, but said to void after 30 days, which would be December 29th, that’s when I decided to google it.
    Mine also said they’ve been trying to contact me and this was my final notice. Thanks for posting this information.
    Janet Ali signed the check. Dallas, TX

  28. Ok, same story here …
    Notice from US Airlines via Travel Union, Scottsdale, Arizona. A check dated Nov 21, 2012 (redeem by Dec 10th) made out in the amount of $1,298.00 signed by J Ali .. all very official looking.

    For the hell of it I called and spoke to Caroline … very nice, very professional and well spoken and informative …..

    Made an appointment for Dec 15th @ 1:30pm with Rapid Travel Rewards, 1720 S Bellaire St. Suite 308, Denver Colorado 80222. Their number is 1-866-949-0151.

    Has anyone ever gone to one of these appointments just for the hell of it ??

  29. Milwaukee, Wi. This was my SECOND final notice! 🙂 Got the first one a few months ago. $1298. Printed signature of Ashley Hill.

  30. Detroit MI, US Airlines check of $1298.00 signed by Janet Ali. Called them and spoke with ‘Liz’ who set me up for a 90 min seminar in Ann Arbor MI and advised ‘make sure you bring your credit card, just for ID, we will not charge it’. Promised 2 return tickets within continental USA. smelled like a spam and found this post on internet before I went there. Thanks a bunch. Saved me a lot of time, gas and possibly fraudulent CC transactions.

  31. Omaha here, got one signed by Jane Lyn. Asking to redeem by Jan. 4th. Anytime a REAL check of this size is mailed it is sent certified, The postage says “presorted” and presorted is always junk mail. In fact the postage is the first thing I look at.

  32. Rec’d my check Jan 2013 and now it has a signature line that says “authorized signature” and an original signature on it, in ink, but is hard to read. Otherwise, it has everything else everyone has written about. The amount is $1,298, Has to be used by Jan 7, 2013 and just rec’d it Friday the 4th. It’s from US Airlines “Award Notification”, etc. Thankfully, we now have the technology to let each other know what is happening to us, so we don’t get taken for a ride at our expense. it has helped the scammers dupe many of us, but if we are proactive with getting the knowledge out, we can prevent quite a few of us from wasting our time.

  33. Mary says: 1/7/13
    Omaha, NE. We received our check today 1298.00 UT 72667 By Travel Union. Phoenix, Arizona 85006.
    52-199707/889597 Signed by Jane Lyn

  34. Cape Coral, FL, date line 1/8/2013, check received from US Airlines/Travel Union of Scottsdale, AZ 85251 for $1298, dated December 28, 2012 (mail moves slowly at our end of the great penninula), signed by Jane Lyn (who the f*** is she?). FINAL NOTICE, must respond by January 16, 2013. Their contact phone is 1-866-955-5090. Wish they gave an email I could post to some spammer lists…

    So what’s their scam? Trying to sell me a vacation? They are using the US Postal service, so if they are breaking the law, it’s a federal law they are breaking… Has anyone reported them to the Postmaster General’s Office? I googled that, got the form to complete, but no new info.

  35. Rockville, MD, check received from American/Travel Union of Scottsdale, AZ 85251 for $1298, dated December 27, 2012, signed by Jane Lyn. FINAL NOTICE, must respond by January 15, 2013. Their contact phone is 1-866-955-4817. It is unbelievable how much effort these people must put into this nonsense, real loosers. It looks like it is still the same scam, but now (January 2013) it is Jane Lyn and $1298 with different contact phone numbers. Lets see what it will be next month 🙂

  36. Here some more info:
    They call themselves “Rapid Travel Rewards” discount travel agency.

    To summarize what happens if you do call:
    If you call, you’ll hear about how this company has been recently hired by a travel agency that just opened in your area. They want to get their name known, so they allegedly give away free tickets.

    They’ll want you to go to a presentation, bringing your driver’s license and credit card.

    They’ll do a sales pitch and try to get you to sign up for a travel club that costs thousands. In return, they promise great deals on plane tickets, lodging, etc. — all of which has additional fees and restrictions that may make it near impossible (and expensive) to claim.

    The program you have received is explained here:
    More info about the appointment:
    They will require your personal information and try to sell you something. You may at the end actually receive a real vouchers.
    Please read some more experience from BBB blog before you try to schedule or attend the meeting:

  37. Lawrenceville, NJ here. Just received ours today for $1,298 signed by Sue Hall. I better act quickly…only have until January 17th!!!

  38. Got mine today, No. 1008 ISSUED, check UY-27826, $1298.00, US Airlines, phone 866-955-5087, signed Sue Hall, respond by 1/17/13.
    Glad to add my info to hopefully save someone!

  39. Okay I took the bate & wasted 2.5 hours. So I hope this helps you. Here’s the sales pitch.. It’s a non-deeded timeshare you purchase for $6000 -$8000 for 2-4 weeks of travel and have a lifetime membership. Annual payment of $398 & you pay $159 per 7 days of travel. There is no weekend getaways. So for a 2 week plan that cost $6000 you will agree to pay 1.65% interest per month for 4 years and make an initial down payment of $600. Which works out to be $197 * 48 =$9,456 + $600 =$10,056 + ($398 *4= $1,592)= $11,648 + ($159 * (2*4))= $12,920. YES you will end up paying almost $13,000 for 8 Weeks of travel over 4 years and $800 every year there after. So ask yourself is it worth it and will you travel. Oh you must make you’re plans 90-120 days in advance.

    Okay here’s the gift. You have 30 days to pay a $4.95 to process the voucher. Then you’ll get an activation package 45 days later where you declare travel dates 7- 30 days, locations, travelers & pay $50 per ticket which will count toward taxes & fees. You pick one of the locations listed on the card, locations not listed like New Orleans are additional. Once the activation package is completed you cannot transfer nor change you’re plans. They encourage purchase of insurance which is another $100. You must make your plans 90 days in advance & you can’t travel within 7 days before or after a federal holiday or Easter. No refunds, exchanges or transfers allowed. There will be a $50 cancellation fee before 30 days of travel. You have 12 months to use our it’s void.
    So it’s not a scam but is it worth the hassle and the nickel & dime game. Can you get air for 2 for $200. Will you always travel a week at a time.

    1. Thanks JXM. I received my “Award Notification” yesterday. I appreciate the leg work you did. I just want to give this to some authority that can cause them some trouble. They are in violation of a settlement here in NJ and have an office right here in my town. Again, I appreciate your hard work.

    2. Did you buy the timeshare? How did you received the tickets? Can you get the dates you want? So if, NO WEEKENDS, then only Mondays to Thursdays? we have appointment to go of Feb. and we have to travel Thursday to Sunday for wedding, then will not work for us?

    3. Thank You so much. I think I will pass. My presentation was scheduled for 2/06/13. I dont feel like wasting 2.5 Hrs. Great job on the information!

  40. My Husband receive it and we have an appointment on Feb. 2013. will let you know what happens. They said he will not be force to buy anything and they will not sell anything. He do need to bring DL and credit card. Will keep you in touch. We do need to travel for a wedding, lets see if the dates we need are available. We have to pay taxes and fees anyway buying the ticket through any Airline!

  41. I got the same voucher. After reading all the comments on this site, I decided to call the number to see if they are going to ask me for money. It turns out that they will give you 2 airline tickets if you go to a vacation club presentation – Like a timeshare presentation. They did not lie or fudge that part at all. They were looking for couples, so I said I was single to see the response. I did not qualify because I am single (I can understand that). The person said they don’t like to see people leave empty handed so she offered me a free cruise on Caribbean Cruise to the Bahamas. All I had to do is secure my spot with a $59 port taxes (based on double occupancy = $118). As I was talking with the agent, I Googled this offer and found out that the port taxes to the Bahamas are much higher than that and you’ll have to pay those when you make your actual reservation. Also, they agent is going to tell you that the room type you have is not available and would need to upgrade (means pay more money). I did not take this deal and told them I will pass. This could have actually been a good deal, I just don’t like to pay in advance and end up not using what I paid for.

  42. Got one today, and had to laugh…real checks aren’t mailed with standard postage…always 1st class. When you get presorted std mail, more than likely every other person has it too. If a check come to you 1st class, in your name, issued in c/o a BANK…you won’t need to call a number…just go cash it. Cause that’s when it’s real!!

  43. People please..if your check isn’t signed by Sue mine here in Colorado..than its a it in the trash..don’t call..don’t go to the meeting…do yourself a favor…=scam

  44. I am in Houston, Tx and got one in the mail today. Mine was for $1298.00 and “signed” by Sue Hall. What a scam! How do people fall for this stuff?

  45. I got mine in the mail today. I must say, I just love google though. When ever I am in doubt I google it and sure enough the are good people out there, like this site, who post about these scammers.
    Thank you!

  46. mine is from Shea Steil. 1,298 and tried to contact me without success……give me a break. not sure if shea is male or female so i am not sure if an invite to rub my balls is in order. i am so sick of this shit…..who is selling my name and address.

  47. Mine, signed by Jules Lee , is also to American Airways for the same amount. Hmmm? Anyone know the “American AirWAYS” hub?

    It’d be great if these folks would take all of the time and money spent in taking advantage of others and put it into making positive changes in our country.

    1. Mine, signed by Ali Kale. Just says US Air. When I called the 1-866-949-8026 number, after googling “US Air Promotions” Scam, I had a fun time talking with the gal. I pointed out that US Air doesn’t exist, and she said they call it that so that it includes ALL of the airlines now. Pretty neat trick, huh? She invited me to go to their website “”. If you google that, it comes up as a scam too. She seemed pretty upset when I called her operation a scam, so they’re pretty good actors.

    1. I just got the same letter except the phone # is 8014. Shea Steil. Guess they are saving money by using plain paper now. Mine is from Phoenix,AZ. No return address.

  48. Hi Guys,
    Got one today.
    Signed Shea Stiel

    I think I will give the number(1-866-949-8014) a call and set up an appointment but NEVER GO. hopefully this will waste their time and more people will do the same

    1. Ah, was searching for my “authorized signature” and finally found her–Juli Lee, but now she’s with American Airways and the phone number is 1-866-956-1486–she gets around considering today is Feb. 4th!

  49. Cincinnati Ohio here. Same noise 1298 ‘value’ / Just a page with a printer signature of “Ali Kale” VP of [from the header] US Air Promotions. 866 978 9403. Hand [left handed?] Addressed envelope with a real .46 stamp post marked Phoenix AZ852
    no return address. I’ve had fun looking at all the variations of this scam. Here is my favorite phrase about this sort o’ thing:

    The turnip truck travels a known road, apparently!

  50. Got one today from “American Airways”, this airlines doesn’t exit. They made the font of the letter look like the American Airlines one. Nothing is for free, toss it away!

  51. Same scam just arrived. This is not the first time I have received this sort of scam, but it was the first time they actually specified a location. I called out of curiosity. They tried to get info from me, which I refused to give but they did admit to Rapid Travel Rewards. What a shame. I am sure some folks fall for this and get scammed. I am reporting it to the FTC. Everyone should do the same. Shut these people down before they take some defenseless retired couple’s money AGAIN.

    Here is the information to avoid:
    US Airlines
    Travel Union
    Scottsdale, AZ 85251

    Check dated January 28th, 2013
    Signed: Shea Steil (digital signature)

  52. I feel ripped off. The original poster got a voucher for $1,398 and I only got $1,298. I guess Ms. Lee (who signed mine) is hitting some hard times and cutting back a little.

    1. Same here, they shorted me a 100 bucks. Juli Lee only offered me $1,298.00 I’ll show them, I’m tossing it in the trash. Take that US Airlines. LOL

  53. American Airways letter, January 28th, 2013. $1,298.00, signed “Shea Steil” (probably pronounced Steal), Vice President
    Postmarked: Phoenix AZ 852, 30 JAN 2013 PM4 L
    Addressed: Noblesville, IN
    Note: Last name mis-spelled unlike I’ve ever seen on junk mail.

  54. Wow pretty crazy how mzny of these they send out. Must be making some money off some folks. Mine has a slightly different phone number 1-866-955-7214

  55. American Airways (not American Airlines) received today, $1298, signed Shea Steil
    Travel Union – Scottsdale, AZ 85251

    Trash this one!

  56. Wonder if the US Post Office is in with this bunch, mine has Presorted Permit Number 1484 Phoenix, AZ associated with it. If this is a scam, where are the Postal Inspectors ?, Crossing state lines, using phony names, banks, etc.

  57. Recieved from Zoe Dyer “VP”. Called the number, asked for confimation of a husband (said i had a boyfriend and gave a false name). Set an appointment to meet at 10:00 on Saturday and was given an address in Mansfield, MA to go to (800 s main st mansfield ma suite 03ll). Googled that and it brings me to “Premium Destinations”, which gets a “C-” from the better business bureau… just sayin.

  58. I received this letter last year, called the number, listened to what the lady on the phone had to say about this PROMOTION, and attended one of their 90 minute sessions. In return I was given 2 round trip airline vouchers and a hotel stay for 3 days and 2 night. I was skeptical at first, but I went ahead and did it anyway and I am glad I did. You all should not let someone else make up your mind just because they think its a scam, it is a sales promotion for vacation clubs and if you buy into one you can get some pretty great deals on vacations. You all trust the BBB so much check this out

    1. You guys are dirty, it should be illegal to post fake reviews about your own company. You are some straight up cowards.

  59. I received mine yesterday from US Airlines, Travel Union in Scottsdale AZ. Signed by Jane Car for $1298. Toll free # 866-949-6053. I called from a prepay phone and got the same information. The rep said make an appointment and bring a DL and valid credit card. I asked them if they wanted me to save everyone the time and just give them all my information over the phone. That would save them $1298, I would just throw the prepay phone away, and cancel my credit card. That way we could cut the BS and they could just be up front and proud and just say they were scammers looking to screw someone. The rep must not have cared much for that idea because he hung up without saying goodbye! So rude!

  60. I am a former employee of Tier 3 which is the real company name for “US Airlines” and “American Airways” they also have “Rapid Travel Rewards” they are located in Scottsdale, AZ. It is a 100% scam do not deal with this company they tell they’re own employee’s it is a scam. I now work for many charities fundraising and I quit that job the moment I found out that we were scamming people.

  61. Jim from Dallas
    I guess it was our turn this week. I got mine today $1298 call by March 12 or it would go to the Alternate winner. Guess I will have to let Alternate have it. LOL h by the way at least they are getting a little more realistic, mine was signed by JANE DOE. Must be John’s wife LOL

    I agree with the above. This should be illegal and the culprits should be punished to the full extent possible and then some. I want to be on the Jury. I am very open minded Anything upto life in Prison without parole works for me. Just a note if they are sued in Texas they could get the Death Penalty seems we lead all the other states combined in that category.

  62. Got the same crap signed by Jane Car. Check was for 1298 dated Feb 20th 2013. Wanted you to attend a office in Pinecrest, in Miami,FL with a significant other. Flushed it down the toilet with the rest of my shi*.
    If you receive one do the same.

  63. This letter has now made it’s way to Utah. Only now the heading on the letter is ‘US Air Promotions’ with no logo and no return address. The phone number on this one is 866-259-5554 and signed by Sue Kyler. These people need to be stopped!! Keep passing on the info.

  64. I received mine today dated Feb 20,2013 for $1,298.Scottsdale ,AZ US Airlines, Travel Union,voucher # 1008,check WY-43519 bank info at bottom 25000 3690245000 8750551000 maybe someone can use this to get back at them.There were a couple of those zeros in the actual routing and account number that were odd.I wonder what would happen if you just deposited this check before even calling will it go thru.Also it was signed Jane CAR. Hope this helps JP

  65. I actually finally got one of these yesterday. I don’t remember what the amount was for or who signed it. I opened it, saw what it was, laughed, then put it in the shredder.

  66. Mine arrived in Dallas today from the bogus US Airlines. It’s obviously a scam and a rip off.

    But what if I was elderly, not tech savvy and thought that perhaps I had won two free travel vouchers?

    Here’s some of the text these crooks are STILL using (Sigh…at least you’d think they’d be a little more creative by now!):

    “Enclosed is your Travel Check Voucher. This Travel Check Voucher can be redeemed for a certificate for 2 round trip airline tickets to anywhere in the continental US from any major international US airport. Certain restrictions may apply. Vacation Getaways and Cruises are available for a limited time.”

    The check voucher must be redeemed by March 14th.

    The “check” amount was for $1,298.00 and was “signed” by Jan Cane. The phone number to call is 866-349-0978.

    The Presorted U.S. Postage Paid postmark was Phoenix, AZ, Permit Number 1484.


    Thanks for everyone’s efforts is helping folks to beware of this travel voucher scam.

  67. 09March2013

    Got mine travel voucher yesterday. Same check number as so many before me 1008. $1,298.00 digitally signed by Jan Cane. Phone # 18663490122.
    They definitely aren’t creative.

  68. Received one from “American” in the amount of $1298 signed “Jane Cane.” No: 1008. Phone 1-866-595-4582. Shredding now in Kansas. Thanks!

  69. I also received one from “American” in the amount of $1298 signed “Jane Cane” No 2013. Phone is 1-866-721-3579. This “Final Notice” was sent to Kansas.

  70. I received award from US Airlines for $1,298. Phone is 886-349-0841. It was signed by Jan Cane. This final notice was sent to Philadelphia. They’re all over the place!

  71. I received the exact check today March 11, 2013 with a reply date of March 18. The check was for $1298.00 signed by Jan Cane with a reply phone number of 866-349-6044. Has anyone reported this as fraud and if so what did they tell you to do with this supposed check?

  72. Received the same award notification, for 1298.00 signed Jan Lane same address, phone is 18663490115, my husband called and turns out to be a place in Charlotte NC in the University
    Express Park area, for a 90 minutes presention for time share, scam big time.

  73. Received the same award notification, for 1298.00 signed Jan Cane same address, phone is 18663490115, my husband called and turns out to be a place in Charlotte NC in the University
    Express Park area, for a 90 minutes presentation for time share, scam big time.

  74. I just got the same notice in the mail yesterday but this is from American Airlines and is signed by Jan Cane!!! It says this is not a time share or land sales offer!! phone number is 1-866-349-0122. If it sounds too good to be true – it probably is!!!

  75. Rec’d voucher for 1298.00 for Charlotte NC area. Just has American in top left hand corner. Didn’t call, just goggled the phone number and came up with your post. Shredding it now!

  76. Received this check today in Georgia. NO 1008 American (Airline) yeah right. Mine signed by Jan Cane for 1350.00. Thanks for all of your researches and posts. At the same time we received a national lottery winner letter w/real check for 3750.00. We are supposed to deposit this check and let it clear, then send via Western Union the sum of 2620.00 for to pay non-resident tax and processing fee. After they receive this we will receive the remaining 150,000.00 winnings. The letter states that we are a lucky winner in the World International Consumers Sweepstake held in UK and it for shopping in one or more of the following in the USA, Walmart, Kmart, Sears, Costco, Etc.
    My husband and I were just extremely lucky today.

    1. It’s just amazing how lucky some people are when it comes to attracting scumbags. I have the same problem, ’cause I still have a ‘land-line.’

  77. Received this check 03/18/2013 in Anchorage, AK. Signed Jan Crane for 1350 bucks from US Airlines. I hate that they know the economy is bad and people are hurting financially and they are still willing to try to steal money. Total trash! How is this not illegal?

    1. Where are they holding the seminars in Anchorage? Maybe someone needs to contact the hotel where they are giving these bogus vouchers away. I’ll bet the hotel would want nothing to do with them.

  78. Anchorage must be the target this week, I received one today in Anchorage for $1350 with US Airlines signed by Jan Cane. You would think they could at least be a little more creative with the names…Jane Crane, Jan Cane, Jan Crane. Remember what your grandma told you, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

  79. They found me in Anchorage too! US Airlines travel voucher for the amount of $1350.00. signed by Jan Cane 🙂 I love how this is my final notice, but I haven’t heard anything from them before this. Too bad for them I google anything suspicious looking that comes in the mail.

  80. Denver here…My husband has gotten this final offer probably three times, but I know the industry too well and always shred them. His was for $1350 signed by Jane Dali. I decided to check the web for fun, and saw this post. Too good to be true for sure!

  81. The following is a letter I received:

    American Airways

    NOTE: You must respond no later than march 27th, 2013.

    Dear Carol,

    I am pleased to inform you that you have qualified for an award of 2 roundtrip airline tickets. Congratulations. These tickets are valid for travel anywhere in the continental U.S. from any major international airport. The retail value of this award is up to $1,350.00. Certain restrictions apply.

    We have attempted contacting you several times without success. This is our last attempt. If we do not hear from you soon, we may need to issue the ticket vouchers to the alternate.

    Please call me today at 1-866-981-5794.


    Keli Alen
    Vice President

  82. I feel inclined to prosecute the USPS for accepting this stuff and delivering it. If it was layer cake they’d be liable so why not scams too? Arizona must be a real stink hole if they allow this stuff to be sent out “legally”.

  83. Got one yesterday. Must be redeemed by April 2. Signed by “Sue Dali”. Phone number 866-488-3246 was a bottling company that left an out going message that said “If your call is about a travel vouchure, it maybe a scam.” So how do we report the scam agency? There should be a way to file a claim for emotional damaged. I believe that if one scam artist is taken to court and loses a big law suit, other scam artist will be hesitant to feast off of the emotions of people in a tough economy.

  84. Lucky in Philadelphia. Just got our final notice check from US Airlines for $1350.00 signed by Jan Cane. Sadly the bottom of the check reads : ” MEMO Must be Redeemed for Travel Certificates. ” I was going to deposit it in my bank account in hope that the FBI may catch them for scam artist. I can’t deny that the check looks official. I wonder if a bank teller would accept it as a deposit. But then, It is not worth my effort, nor the innocence of a young teller taking it, and later loosing her job. Sadly, folks you fall for this type of crime are the most vulnerable, and we have no one to police this time of crime. Truly, I rather be hit in the heard for the $20 I have in my pocket, than to fall prey to PROFESSIONAL SCAM ARTIST

  85. Umm how come no one here has ever tried to cash this check? I have heard of a few people who have actually gone to Check Cashing places and got the money. SO how come everyone is wasting there time calling and doing all this crap when you can just cash it and be on your merry way?

    1. I’m going to call bullshit.

      The check is not made out to you. It’s made out to “US Airlines.”

      Good luck with that new TV.

      1. I agree that was just a load. No way is anyone going to take that ‘voucher’ as a valid document. At least not the one I received. Oh and for those that would try and deposit such things in your bank account and it happened to go through… That would be like providing a routing number to Nigerians. They would wipe you out in short order. I’m not saying that is what this thread’s issue is about. This is a ‘Time-Share’ or a ‘Vacation Plan’ scam. I’ve gone to both of those at my ‘get something for free’ wife’s insistence… Talk about how many ways there is to say NO in an hour and walk away with a headache and something ‘free’ that is worthless. But: After a couple decades of going along with my wife’s fantasy notions, I finally just say NO once to her. 🙂

  86. Yeah I just spoke to someone online who cashed this check. He said he went right to a Check Cashing place in Philadelphia and it was cashed no problem. And also, the bank teller would not lose their job for cashing this check. It is a legitimate check and it would not be their fault if it turned out not to be legitimate. But anyway, they told me the teller even called to confirm and it was legit and got the money so I dont get it. Man I really hope I get one in the mail so I can get a new Flat screen LOL

    1. I work for a check cashing place, and from the description of the check, we would NEVER cash something like that without going through the proper channels. So I would advise you all not to try and cash these checks, because if they come back as fraudulent, YOU will be persecuted.

  87. Sorry I meant to say “legitimate LOOKING” check. I mean, from all the pics Ive seen of it, there is no way you can tell if its fake.

    1. Raleigh area, NC. Similar kind of check. Called and cave some fake information. They want to make an appointment with you. First they just want to send an email to you, gave them an old email address. Then they ask if you are married and if you make more than 50.000/ year. I was about to end the call but “Chris” started to ask more questions to make an appointment. At this point I just quit the call.

      Sender “American” Travel Union, Scottsdale, AZ 85251, text says PAY TO THE ORDER OF: American TAD on behalf of N.N. (my husband’s name here) 1,350.00. Signed Sue Dali. No 1008.

  88. Yup….got mine yesterday. From US AIRLINES…not US Airways which is an official airline. It’s a voucher for $1350 that is designed to “look” like a very official business check even signed by Sue Dali. It’s got a “Pay to the order of: US Airlines on behalf of “…that would be THEMSELVES and not me! So, if anybody claims actual success cashing this paper, you’ve no doubt, been serviced by a very inexperienced teller. You’ve got a bogus check that’s no good. Rather, its purpose is to “plant” an idea in your head that there is some free money for you in this “deal.” You are strongly encouraged to call 1-866-955-8321 to claim your award:.two free RT airline tickets to anywhere in the continental US. The psuedo-check has an address: Travel Union; Scottsdale, AZ 85251.
    My opinion is this: The LAST thing these guys are ever going to do is give you that money. They are not in the business of giving out money. Rather, they are using this as a pressure-marketing tool to generate phone inquiries. By calling, you will most likely be promptly connected to a sales representative whose sole mission is to sell you a package of something that you will come to regret and you will pay way too much to purchase. I would say that if you desire to travel, do it the right way. You can purchase super-saver tickets, use companion fares, get auction-type hotel/condo deals and discount rental cars or hotel/car package deals as long as you are willing to do the work and be flexible. We know that no business will last very long giving away free money, and you can make a sure bet that is not what these guys are doing. Fly by night ripoff….and they know using wide area marketing, there will be no shortage of sheep willing to go along. Don’t let this misfortune happen to you! I know better….now so should you! If you don’t believe me, do your own research before you call. I suggest a Google search. Of course, I’m remaining anonymous for my own protection.

    PS: Another little tidbit for you all still reading…
    The Automated Clearing House (ACH) number associated with this check is a 9 digit number listed on the bottom. Usually along with the ACH number that every real bank has, there will be a bank account number and a check number also listed down at the bottom of the check. The numbers at the bottom of this worthless check are as follows: 98000, 466381000, and 999650000. The ACH nine-digit number for the identification of the bank backing this check is either the 2nd or 3rd number…both 9 digit. Doing a quick check of these numbers for ACH cross-reference to a bank returns NOTHING. This is another clue that the check is BOGUS! It doesn’t point to any real bank at all. Don’t waste your time! FAKE and RIP-OFF. They are after you…..don’t give ’em the satisfaction!

  89. Yep. Another Raleigh, NC person. Got mine in the mail today. Says American travel voucher #YH-48067 with a March 25 date. Apparently I am getting $1350 from Juli Sims. Too bad this is my last chance to respond. Ha! I call BS on this but it has me concerned because I actually booked a flight on American a couple of weeks ago on Expedia. I’m hoping this scam is only a coincidence and that they are not giving out my information.

  90. Got one in Northern Nevada. Got it yesterday April 5 with a redeem by April 12th date. Same as all the others except it’s from “American” signed in real ink by Juli Sims and the contact number is 1-866-913-6544. Will fill out the postal fraud form for USPS linked above.

  91. They are hitting Tampa with it. Jan Crane must have been fired because Sue Dali is now signing check 1008 …I wonder it she is related to Salvador. Salvador Dali has an art museum in St. Pete. I bet he would like to get a bunch of these checks and glue them to canvas in a collage. I though his “art” was a fraud too.

  92. My husband just received a voucher/check for $1,350. It’s exactly like the checks I’ve seen on this thread. Glad I found this site! Our ‘prize’ expires tomorrow & it is signed by SUE DALI. I wonder who the alternate is…..Bahahaha. Stupid.

  93. Got one today in Virginia. Called the number and was on hold and then it went to voice mail, left a nice long message. called back someone actually came on the line name Jason and adivsed him he needs to stop scamming people. He said it was not a scam and I should not beleive what I read on the internet. I just laughed and hung up. I just wanted to call to let them know how I feel by being scammed.

  94. Received mine in Virginia.
    $1,350.00 signed by Ashley Faye.
    Check Number: ZH-16095

    Travel Union
    Scottsdale, AZ 85251

    PAY TO THE ORDER OF: American TAD on behalf of Lesa *****
    MEMO: Must Be Redeemed For Travel Certificate


    Dear, Lesa
    Enclosed is your Travel Check Voucher. This Travel Check Voucher can be redeedmem for a certificate for 2 round trip airline tickets to anywhere in the continental US from any major international US airport. Certain restrictions may apply. Vacation Getaways and Cruises are avaiable for a limited time.

    We have attempted contacting you on several occasions. This will be your last chance to respond.

    Note that this check voucher must be redeemed by May 8th, 2013. If you do not claim your award it will be transferred to the alternate. This is a limited time offer and may be withdrawn at any time. Flights fill quickly.

    Please reference your check voucher number ZH-16095. This travel check must be certified to be valid.

    Call 1-866-991-0048

    This is not a timeshare or land sales offer.

  95. HA. I got one too in Kirkland WA. For US airlines, for $1350.00 signed by Taylor Barrone. Came from Travel Union. How do they get away with this crap?

  96. Received mine today. Phone number 1-866-434-7718. Handsigned Taylor Barrone
    I live in Seattle. I called and played the game. Got an invite to a session on Saturday with this confirmation from email:

    Dear John,

    This email is to remind you of your appointment on Saturday, May 4th, at 10:00 AM in Seattle, WA.

    You have been offered a special gift in exchange for your time in attending the open house.. You will receive two roundtrip airline tickets valid anywhere inside the continental United States to a major international airport. This offer is in consideration of your time for previewing the wholesale travel agency.

    This is NOT A TIMESHARE. It is a full-service travel agency which specializes in luxury accommodations, cruises and travel packages. You will not be obligated to buy, sign or join anything.

    The open house will include a brief presentation on the services offered in a relaxed, casual atmosphere. This is a group presentation so please arrive 15 minutes early. Please note that this is not open to the public and is by invitation only.

    This is a limited time offer and is non-transferable.

    Please click here for directions.

    Please be advised the address is:

    2211 Elliott Ave

    Suite 101

    Seattle, WA 98121

    Please park at the Seattle Art Institute, located just North West of Wto walk.

    Please respond to this email to confirm your appointment, or please call me at 1-866-992-7757.

    We are looking forward to seeing you!

    Andrea Harris

    Andrea Harris

    Confirmation Manager

    Participants must be between the ages of 30 and 75. Participants must have a combined annual household income in excess of $50,000. Both spouses/cohabitants must attend the 90 minute group presentation. Travel agents, members or participants in previous promotions are not eligible. Participants must speak and understand fluent English. Children and uninvited guests are not permitted. Participants must provide a state-issued identification card as well as a major credit card (not a debit card) for identification to claim the gifts.

    Good luck to those who attend..

  97. Taylor Barrone, $1350, phone:8664347718, pay to the order of: US airlines on behalf of (my name) – who really makes out a voucher/check on behalf of someone? I live in the Seattle area

  98. We received ours today. Signed by taylor barrone, $1350.00, US Airlines and not US Airways….redeemable by May 14. Will rip it into pieces.

  99. Got mine in Florida today. Says final notice. Funny, I never recieved the first one. I reversed searched the # 866-430-7943 and the only info I could get is its a toll free #. Amount is $1350.00 for US Airlines. Signed by Taylor Barrone. Dated April 24, 2013. Recieved May 4, 2013 and must be redeemed by May 13, 2013. Like I’m going to fall for that. Off to the shredder.

  100. Got mine in Ft Worth texas over the weekend, Just filled out the USPS mail fraud form. This is the 2nd time in a year my wife and i have gotten a voucher like this. The check was for 1350.00 and signed by Taylor Barrone, issued by Travel Union Scottsdale, AZ

  101. Got mine in the mail today also. I live in Nc. It’s just like yalls but it says American TAD on behalf of with my name. Signed by Taylor Barrone it for 1,350.00. I have until the 10th to reply. Voucher # ZG-71528 phone # 1-866-953-5885

  102. I received one the other day and I live in TN. Issue No. 1008, Contact # 1-866-601-8452. the company name at the top left is American, and the check is in the amount of $1350.00, signed by Taylor Barrone. Check voucher # ZD-85701. I have until May 14, 2013 to redeem. I do notice that it says “must be redeemed for travel certificate”, and in the description it says “This travel check must be certified to be valid.” I remember getting the letter from US Airlines several months ago informing me that I had won airline tickets and the letter was so generic looking, and once I realized the name of the company was wrong then I knew it was a scam. Google has done wonders as a great tool to check the validity of something like this.

  103. It’s amazing how many of these are being distributed. Someone is paying a lot of postage and I guess the Post Office would rather collect the money instead of preventing the crime. Maybe the Post Office should be investigated. I’m sure the employee knows who drops them off.

  104. Dale here from Pennsylvania,
    Got mine yesterday; dated April 26, 2013 for $1350, check number ZF-40480 signed by Taylor Barrone
    Travel Union Scottsdale, AZ85251: 81-817409/665434
    Phone number 1-866-448-0251
    Award notification #: 1008
    Yup, a definite scam… FYI if you do decide to go and “F” with them use an old expired credit card and wipe the strip with a strong magnet, same with your Drivers License… Cover everything except your name and adress; DO NOT give them your birth date, Social Security or anything. Better yet, make the appointment and don’t go. It’ll at least waste some of their time.
    I did that to the “Elove” scam people (no show); lifes little pleasures, I guess.
    As everyone else is saying if they are asking for a credit card for ID it is a SCAM.
    Hope they all rot in hell…

  105. I feel cheated- I only got a letter – no check! Signed by juli kyler. Must respond by May 15th for the 2 tickets valued at $1350. Stupid people should do their research – I had a pending lawsuit with US Air that was settled before it went to court. Will never fly them again. They should have sent me Cold Stone vouchers- that I would have gone for! (In South Jersey).

  106. They are still at it! I got one today for 1350.00 dated April 22, 2013 and signed by Taylor Barrone. Motherfudgers had me all excited until I tried calling the number which sounded bogus and I found this site. I shouldn’t have started counting my chickens 😦 thanks for the heads up!

  107. My parents received a hand-addressed envelope with the letter (not on letterhead) from Andrea Harris, and then the email confirmation with The Fine Print that participants must be between the ages of 30 and 70 and to bring a major credit card (not debit card). They had made an appt but fortunately after speaking with their regular travel agent, discovered it was a scam and canceled the appt. They wound up leaving a message on an unidentified voice mail to phone number 1-866-992-7757. The

  108. I just got one yesterday for $1,350.00 dated May 1st 2013, saying it must be redeemed by May 20th. Mine is signed by Taylor Barrone, & the phone number is 1-866-421-9845.

  109. NILDA says: today may 11,2013 i got one too, i decided to check it in the internet, (the “fb “) still with the same scram after 2 years. .Goodness! i’m amaze on how real it looked. Signed byTaylor Barrone.

  110. This scam is still alive and going on. I received a letter yesterday (05/13/13) from US Airlines to call and get my voucher for 2 round trip tics. It was in an envelope made to look like it was hand written and mailed form Phoenix AZ. Also a blue ink signature (computer generated) from Juli Kyler, Vice President.
    Amazes me how long they can keep these scams going on for years. Hopefully peopel are now aware and don’t fall for it.

  111. My boss received one dated May 6, 2013 in the amount of $1350.00 signed by Charlotte Hoehn. The memo line says Must Be Redeemed For Travel Certificate and it expires on May 23, 2013. Phone number 866-815-6153. My favorite line on the letter is “Vacation Getaways and Cruises are available for a limited time” I called the number and was put on hold. I didn’t want to wait for a person so I hung up. Pretty Crappy and entertaining. It gave me break to dig through the internet to investigate this thing.

  112. How unfortunate! This scam looks so real! It almost got me until I read the posts above. Mine was signed by Charlotte Hoehn. It is for $1350 (oh, how I could use that for a vacation). I am supposed to call 1-866-679-6921. I guess I am not calling the number since it is a scam!!!

  113. I just got one of the checks too. It is from US Airlines for $1,350.00. The date is May 14th and says it must be redeemed by May 31st, 2013. It is signed by Charlotte Hoehn. The phone number I am to call is 1-866-581-0066. I had gotten a phone call several weeks ago telling me I had won a prize, but I hung up on them. I wonder if it was related to this. The bank is Travel Union, Scottsdale, AZ. My husband wanted me to call to find out about it, but I googled the phone number and came across the above information. I’m glad I didn’t call!

  114. Kitty Momma…got mine today…05/29/13. Can’t believe they still are trying this scam. They must be successful in some way to keep this going for so long! The postal service must STOP this so clueless people don’t lose money! How many of these go out daily! Mine was dated 05/21/13, for $1,350. , signed by Angela Hudson. Check #D-140262, US Airlines. Please protect our citizens. ESP. The elderly who cannot afford to lose anything!

  115. Ditto here in Kent, WA. Only mine is from “American”, not “US American”. $1350 from Ms. Angela Hudson. D-172674, dated May 23rd, 2013.

  116. Just got the same thing as you in Tewksbury, MA. Looks just like the OP; different voucher number (D-152319), dated May 21st with a phone # of 866-918-4886. Mine is from US Airlines and the check is for $1350, signed by Angela Hudson, just like Ann says ^ above ^.

    And ZOMG! It’s my LAST CHANCE TO RESPOND! Quick! Run to the phone and call them – flights are filling quickly!

    Yeah, don’t hold your breath waiting for me to call you, “US Airlines”. Wait. Actually, please DO hold your breath waiting for me to call you – then maybe you can all just die in your seats with your headsets on and these scams will end. Sound good? Good. I knew you’d like it, Angela Hudson!

  117. My dad received one in the mail today. I believe it’s all a scam why would any company out of no where give you free money ? People don’t fall for it. That’s how people’s information get stolen.

  118. I received another one of these this week. This one was just a typed letter, though, with the word ‘American’ and some crappy logo at the top. It said to call some 1-800 number because I had won 2 plane tickets. No fake check included. It looked like this letter had just been photocopied because it had that splotchy look to it. Right into the shredder it went!

  119. Just got mine in the mail today. $1,350 “check” signed by “Angela Hudson”, American logo, pay to the order of “American TAD on behalf of (my name), Travel Union Scottsdale, Az 85251, phone number 1-866-237-6160. Live just south of Seattle, Washington.

    Not wasting any more of my time on this, enough info here & on many other sites to tell me to stop while I am ahead. I could not pull up anything on the internet by the 866# alone. Found A LOT when i typed in travel union though 🙂 Thanks for posting your experiences. Glad I didn’t skip researching this first.

    1. Good idea…to accidentally drop it in the shredder! My $1,198 check (received in Minneapolis in mid-July from “American”) deserves only the best destruction! I just can’t believe these people have managed to keep this up for so long….

  120. Received mine yesterday for $1198.00 signed by Madeline Jay, Travel Union in Scottsdale, AZ. Ph 866-822-8866

  121. I received my voucher today also from US Airlines (Travel Union) in Scottsdale AZ for $1,198 signed by Madeline Jay 866-272-8065 …. anyone is crazy to responds to such a Award Notification.

  122. Got the same exact one as Barbara above me. I’m on the “do not solicit by mail” list to crack down on junk mail. So I called and asked where they got my info. they wouldn’t tell me anything then told me to give it to someone else if I didn’t want it. I laughed because the envelope is marked “personal and confidential.”

  123. Just received mine today from the Twin Cities…

    $1198 from American and signed by Krista Berry. I was thinking of going to a pawn store and cashing it for CASH$$$$

  124. Well, these losers are still at it. Got a voucher today-Travel Union, Scottsdale for $1,399.00. Signature by Debbie Chatman. I’d better warn my mom…she falls for these every time. Ughhh.

  125. Got a new one from United Rewards 1-877-542-8490 amount is $1399.00 must redeem by 2 Jan 2014, voucher # 123-597-147 Issued # 1008
    has an address on voucher

    Travel Union
    Scottsdale AZ 85251

    When I was in the Air Force a kid that worked for me received a phone call stating he won a free cruise and all they needed was a credit card number to secure his ticket. He got his credit card bill and was charged over $1800.00 it took several months and much pain to get his money back.

  126. Just got one from Joana Carter for $1399.00. It states it must be redeemed for a travel certificate and has no cash value. Blue Rewards, 1-877-543-0621, same fictitious Travel Union from Scottsdale, AZ.

  127. Same scam, different name. DiscoverAir. Just got it today. Came from Oklahoma City, OK. I’m actually in Phoenix so I guess they’re trying not to send from the same state as their potential target. Has the same address information on the voucher too. Travel Union, Scottsdale, AZ 85251, 38-566998/621899. Oddly, mine is also issued as No. 1008 as I saw somewhere above in the comments.

    I must be really really lucky. This is my fourth final notice for this particular scam.

  128. I just received the check voucher today. Must be redeemed by March 13th by calling 888-304-7025. Mine was for $1,450… they are upping their bid

  129. I called..just to create a paper trail on my phone bill. Set me up for a meeting…oh I didnt tell her I was an attorney…fraudulent inducement is a crime in NY and a federal crime using the mail…this should be fun

  130. Received mine today. 2nd time. A check for $1450. Call 1-877-823-2357. People, don’t call the numbers. You will show them an active number. Report to the USPS and the FTC. Not that they do anything about it.

  131. Jeremy I just received my scam letter in the mail today. Guess what Jeremy? You and I have the same issued number on our letters 1008, the only difference is this company is called CompAir. I googled it and they sell model plane, and I believe they sell compressors. There number is 1-844-790-1970. Thanks for the heads up, my new best reveal their fake ass scams

  132. I received one from Compair this week, too.
    Phone: 1-844-334-4965
    Amount: $1,450.
    Must be redeemed by 5-13-14.

    “This is not a timeshare or land sales offer.”

    Supposedly from Union One Travel in Scottsdale, Arizona.


  133. Like Monica Snow above I also got a $1450 “Travel Check Voucher” this week.

    On the back of the document there is tiny print under the title … “Listed below are the details of this promotional offer which meet and/or exceed industry guidelines”. Under that is a list of “qualifications”

    The big hint was Union One Travel which when Googled brought me to this nice writeup on

  134. Timeshare industry is known for being very susceptible to scams; however, timeshare properties are still a successful business for most resorts. In these times of rough economy, it is important to take care of our money, and timeshares are not in the way to achieve the financial security that we are all looking for.

  135. Thanks for this info. I got mine today, for $1250 payable to CompAir, through Union One Travel, neither of which seem to actually exist. Number to call on mine is 844-334-4982. They also claim they have attempted to contact me on several occasions…yeah, right! Think I’ll let the puppy chew on it…

  136. They seem to be branching out. I got a mailer for a $200 Visa Gift Card from Loyalty Rewards with the 866-994-5909 phone number mentioned in one of the posts here. There’s a page of fine print but it’s all for the Visa card!

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