Seriously? This @BryanJFischer guy is on your team?

There’s been so much coverage of the Colorado shooting at a midnight screening of Batman Rising, that I knew about it in my sleep.

But the nightmare turns outright pathetic when a Christian leader tweets the above bullshit.

Bryan Fischer tweeted (already!?!):

“14 killed, 50 wounded in Batman shooting. We have rejected God, we’re turning into a 3rd world country.”

Firstly, what an asshole.

Secondly, that asshole apparently hasn’t read or understood the very doctrines of violence in his own “faith.”

Thirdly, who among you will “love” Fischer enough to tell him that his ideas are hurting America more than secularism.

It’s not about judging. It’s about marginalizing the stupid in this country.

And the stupid, it burns.