Peeper Dee #204


by Tina Louise

Tina and I are going on vacation starting Monday. I’m not entirely sure how often I’ll be able to get to the Peeper Dees, so plan on some sporadic publishing.

It’s our annual trip with my brothers-in-law to Carbondale, IL.

If you want to hold out for a few days, great.

Otherwise, don’t be too disappointed. 🙂

I’ll fill in more details.

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Worth a read: @IJasonAlexander Long Tweet on Colorado Shooting and gun control

English: American actor Jason Alexander
English: American actor Jason Alexander (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m not going to make too much commentary on this TwitLonger from Jason Alexander.

It’s worth a read (or two).

One standout (long) bit:

These people believe that the US government is eventually going to go street by street and enslave our citizens. Now as long as that is only happening to liberals, homosexuals and democrats – no problem. But if they try it with anyone else – it’s going to be arms-ageddon and these committed, God-fearing, brave souls will then use their military-esque arsenal to show the forces of our corrupt government whats-what. These people think they meet the definition of a “militia”. They don’t. At least not the constitutional one. And, if it should actually come to such an unthinkable reality, these people believe they would win. That’s why they have to “take our country back”. From who? From anyone who doesn’t think like them or see the world like them. They hold the only truth, everyone else is dangerous. Ever meet a terrorist that doesn’t believe that? Just asking.

Then there are the folks who write that if everyone in Colorado had a weapon, this maniac would have been stopped. Perhaps. But I do believe that the element of surprise, tear gas and head to toe kevlar protection might have given him a distinct edge. Not only that, but a crowd of people firing away in a chaotic arena without training or planning – I tend to think that scenario could produce even more victims.

Lastly, there are these well-intended realists that say that people like this evil animal would get these weapons even if we regulated them. And they may be right. But he wouldn’t have strolled down the road to Kmart and picked them up. Regulated, he would have had to go to illegal sources – sources that could possibly be traced, watched, overseen. Or he would have to go deeper online and those transactions could be monitored. “Hm, some guy in Aurora is buying guns, tons of ammo and kevlar – plus bomb-making ingredients and tear gas. Maybe we should check that out.”

Chick-Fil-Gay sammy from … and it *was* better and friendly to gay marriage!

@hilahcooking #chick-fil-a #chick-fil-gay

When I saw the video from Hilah (pronounced “High La”) Cooking dot com, I set out to make that sandwich. Tina was out of town for a girls’ weekend over in Michigan.

So while she was in her jammies having pillow fights, I set up the lights and video camera and shot a cooking video in which I made the Chick-fil-Gay sandwich.

I know, I’m sure I could have just written about the experience. But then you wouldn’t get to see my face when I actually took a bite.

The breasts I bought were a bit bigger than I expected, so I probably should have fried them less and finished them in the oven. Or maybe I should have squashed them longer. Beat those breasts like the red-headed stepchild I never had.

I also tried the spicy version of the sandwich. I added some hot sauce to the marinade and cayenne to the breading. I should have added more sauce to the marinade.

The other thing about the recipe is, don’t forget the buns!

Hilah forgot to include that on her recipe. And while it might seem blatantly obvious, this dim bulb stuck to the list verbatim when shopping. I had to go back out and get buns while my chicken was marinating.

So don’t forget the buns, huns!

Apparently Hilah made the video about a month ago, long before the recent hullabaloo with the Chick-Fil-A CEO Don Cathy.

And if you leave out the marinating time, the recipe is fast. I would say hands on, I spent about 20 to 25 minutes cooking. I would totally make these for lunch-time guests or even a casual dinner.

I’ll put the recipe, the original video, and the new Q&A video below the fold.

Bon appétit!

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Atheist infighting is fun!


Pop yourself some corn, because this one is going to get nasty.

In this corner, heavyweight atheist badass PZ Myers! And in the blue, dismally disappointing corner, John Loftus.

John Loftus, what a fucking whiny coward. The guy can’t catch a break in the atheist community, and when anyone — and I mean anyone — paints him or his associations in a bad light, he attacks the person as hard as he can instead of taking a long look at the whole picture.

In case you missed it. PZ Myers wrote that he was disappointed by the response from Cathy Cooper about the Colorado shooting published at Debunking Christianity.

Depending on how you want to do it, here’s Cathy’s original writing. Here’s PZ Myers’ response and here’s John Loftus’s lame, horse shit response to PZ Myers.

In a nutshell, Cathy Cooper wrote that being raised Presbyterian encouraged the Colorado shooter to violence. PZ Myers equated the response to just as ridiculous as any of the myriad of foul Christian responses we’ve all read and I’ve posted some here.

And then John Loftus, in near-cliché Loftus style, retaliated blaming PZ Myers for being “divisive, uncaring, and a power hungry greedy person.”

Loftus claims that Myers rakes in over $3000 a month with his Freethought Blog. Can anyone verify this?

I’m not going to completely side with PZ Myers. There are often times when I think he over-indulges on pushing an issue. That’s to say, when I read something as mediocre or somewhat boring, PZ tends to sensationalize information more.

When I write, I catch myself breaking into the sensational voice, and I try to back it up. Although I’m not always successful.

If you aren’t aware, John Loftus is the absurdly poor debater who blamed everyone else for his failure to even make dent in any argument by Dinesh D’Souza back in 2010. When the atheist community let him know, he was dumbfounded and blamed us for misunderstanding his lofty awesomeness. Read here. And more recently, he was hired by and then left hastily from Freethought Blogs, because he edited or deleted comments from those who criticized him (surprise!) and when called out, Loftus turns into a bumbling fool.

Who cares what PZ Myers thinks of John Loftus? I wouldn’t have cared, if it weren’t for Loftus’ response.

Loftus has the distinct talent of taking a situation and responding like a five-year old. Temper Tantrums and all.

How he has a readership is beyond me. But you could say the same thing about this blog.

PZ Myers is divisive. And so what if he likes drawing gigantic paychecks off his success in the atheist community?

If I could find a way to do it, hells bells I would.

I’m hoping for a PZ response today. How fun would that be!