Vacation, all I ever wanted

In case you didn’t know, we’re on our annual Carbondale, IL vacation this week.

We drove down yesterday. It’s about a six-hour drive from Chicago.

We stay at my brother-in-law’s husband’s parents’ house. They might not be “married”, but they should be. They’ve been together as long as anybody.

And I mean anybody.

The house has a pool and about 4000 sq ft to run around in. It’s a very hospitable home.

While we’re here, Peeper Dee posts may be sporadic. I’m going to post 205 and 206 together in another post.

I’m trying to think of any awesome stories that’ve happened so far.

On the way down here, we heard two guys on the radio talking about how atheists from the Freedom From Religion Foundation are taking away religious freedoms in this country.

Did you know atheists are hellbent on taking away the religious freedoms that Christians enjoy every day. Things like, church, prayer, worshiping Jesus.

Oh wait, no they’re not. All atheists want is that you do those things on your time in the privacy of your churches. So whether you worship Satan or Yeshua, do what you want when you want. It’s just not something everyone wants to hear about all the damn time.

It’s not atheists who want this, it’s everyone who doesn’t align with your beliefs … whatever they are. This country is made on religious freedom. So be free … frolic in the fields hand-in-hand with your boyfriend Jesus or your girlfriend Mary, mother of Jesus. But since there is no hand on the other end of yours, it’s really not something we all need to know about.

There are churches everywhere down here. Seems like a lot of wasted moolah.

Here are some more pics you can click on.

Hope you’re having a brilliant week. I’ll post when I can this week.

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