I wish there were more people like this

Here’s a photo of a well-kept man standing on the side of a road holding a sign that reads, “I have a home … and a car … and a job. Do you need a few bucks for coffee?”

I didn’t take the photo. It was seen on Facebook. 

It’s a feel-good photo of hope and grace.

I wish there were more people like this. It makes me want to grab $100 of $5 bills and make my own sign. Maybe stand outside until the money’s gone, and then stroke my back a few times.

Maybe touch myself.

I probably won’t do it. But it’s a good idea.


I can’t help but guess this man is religious. Within the religious discussion, it often goes unsaid that people who identify themselves as Christian aren’t bad people. We non-believers consider many Christ-followers our friends … all whilst making them great enemies.





2 thoughts on “I wish there were more people like this

  1. Hi,

    I found this image on facebook too. To me it was a message of hope and generosity that said “hey if you have a job, a home and a car, then yeah, you have riches to spare when someone less fortunate than you needs something.”

    I don’t understand the assumption that this man is religious though? I pride myself on the good deeds I do in my life, but I’m an atheist. I’m just saying, the world isn’t divided into bad people and religious people 🙂

    1. Thanks for you comment.

      While it certainly doesn’t mean the person *is* religious, I can’t stop my mind from assuming it is.

      This is a reflection of myself, I suppose. I find that religious people are often more active, because the call to action is more frequent (church a couple times a week, for example).

      I find that without the calls to action, we atheists tend to be armchair activists. And while this is a mighty great idea, I hear of small, yet random acts of kindness from the religious way more frequently the acts of kindness from non.

      It’s my $0.02, and doesn’t mean it’s accurate.

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