Why ‘you rushing off?


We returned from our excellent Carbondale vacation Thursday night with achy heads, tested tempers and droopy-eyed fatigue.

And bald tires.

Before we left, I cycled through the typical car checks; washer fluid, oil, tire pressure and tread. Our front tires looked a bit worn.

Nobody wants to look at their tires and agree that they need to be replaced. I figured I could get this trip out of the way without replacing them, but I think my faith in baldness needs to be checked.

This morning, I’m having the two front tires replaced, and I think I have a slow leak in a back tire.

Did you know that the way to check tire tread is to take a penny and if your tread doesn’t reach the tip of old Abe’s head, you better run — not walk — to your nearest tire shop?

I didn’t either.

This weekend, our plans were to go to Michigan to celebrate my aunt’s birthday. My parents and sister drove up from North Carolina to go to the party.

So after a long week of traveling, we’d jump in the car Saturday morning with Talulah and drive three hours to Grand Rapids. We would stay at an aunt and uncle’s house with a spare room. It’s not the best setup in the world, but it’s doable.

But my parents said they were driving back Sunday morning, so we wouldn’t see them at all after the party on Saturday.

On Wednesday, we got an invitation to join a friend at a beach house on Lake Michigan for the cost of hiring a cleaning service to clean up after we left. The house is located an hour and a half south of Grand Rapids.

We decided to take him up on it.

So now we’re going to leave for Michigan today. Stay tonight in Harbert, MI. We will drive up to Grand Rapids Saturday afternoon, and back to Harbert before midnight.

Then we’ll drive back to Chicago on Monday after a little R&R at a sweet-ass stay in a gorgeous house on the lake.

So that’s what’s going on around here.

I wish I had better stories to pass along. I’ll aim to make better stories this weekend. 🙂

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