Ketchup on your fries: Peeper Dee Makeup Edition #s 209, 210 and 211.

by Pea Dub

This is going to be the mighty, mighty Peeper Dee Makeup edition. With our vacation came less time and less access to internet.

And I wasn’t going to compromise R&R for posting Peeper Dee pictures on a slow connection speed.

This post will catch us up. If I missed one, I hope you’ll let me know. I’ll fold it into the next issue.

If you’re curious, Tuesday, July 31 is day 212. 

Also keep in mind that I post these in no real order. I tend to throw a standout on top and bottom. But that’s not always the rule. Most times, it’s just the way the images fall.

So don’t read into anything. You’re all my favorites.

by Tina Louise
Pea Dub by J-dub
by J-dub


Dear deers by J-dub
by sunny lee #209
by sunny lee #210


by sunny lee #211


by Becky F


by Becky F
by Pea Dub
by Biodork #208
by Biodork #209


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