what I’m up to: vacationing and concert photography

Tina and I have had a long week and a half. Between the two of us, we’ve traveled a couple thousand miles.

Just before all this traveling, I shot Spoek Mathambo at Lincoln Hall, July 18, 2012. Check out more of the shots at Time Out Chicago.

It was an interesting show. A bit poorly attended. Before the concert, I never heard of Spoek before. But I’ll definitely keep my eye on him now.

Here’s a bit of what Time Out wrote:

Johannesburg native Spoek Mathambo’s Sub Pop bio is full of futuristic labels, claims that the man’s two steps ahead of the status quo. That’s partly true, but Mathambo is simultaneously at least two steps behind, echoing earlier club groups Technotronic and Underworld with pounding bass. At Lincoln Hall, Mathambo went hard on his Roland SP-555, almost licking the machine as he manipulated it. But the theremin-y synth pad is just dressing, like a lot of Mathambo’s performance. Mathambo’s emcee skills are great, and blessed by a total lack of inhibition, but it’s hard to call his act hip-hop when his rhymes are buried beneath danceable chaos.

On Friday, I’m shooting Lollapalooza with our photography partner Bill Whitmire. The shots will be published at Time Out Chicago.

I can’t wait. It’ll be my first time back at the festival in a long time.

I’m hoping to blog as much of my experience via my phone as I can.

So check often with OCD madness for updates and awesome thoughts about the big weekend.

2 thoughts on “what I’m up to: vacationing and concert photography

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