Belated anniversary wishes to Xina


I meant to post a happy anniversary to Xina and her husband T yesterday, but my pro site was down. I was looking for one of the photos I took of them at their wedding.

But then, just now, I noticed that Xina had changed her profile picture to the above shot.

And I couldn’t help but pull it and throw it up here in celebration.

Happy Anniversary, Xina!

Hope your anniversary was chockfull of unmentionable activities and fun!



Peeper Dee #214

by tina louise

We’re a little light on Peepers today. I’ll do my best posting Peepers this weekend, with Lollapalooza and all.

Get ’em in!

by Pea Dub
rental house by J-dub
by biodork


Hey, Lollapalooza, don’t worry. I’m bringing my wet wipes

A few years ago at Lollapalooza, I got there at the first hour of the first day. I was determined to see as many bands as I possibly could in three days.

Lolla starts on Friday at around noon, when lots of people are usually at work. So unless you’re dedicated to the weekend, you might not care much about Friday’s lineup until around 3:30 to 5. That’s when the crowds start filing in in full force.

Lolla takes up a lot of square footage. The stages are all in the middle, beyond that are beer and food tents. And at the periphery are a shit-ton of Port-a-Potties and those hand-washing stations that are operable by pumping a thing with your foot.

From all of my weekend festival experiences, the port-a-potty areas are pristine on Friday, and become the closest thing to hell you’ll ever experience (since hell doesn’t exist).

I arrived at Lolla at noon, and I expected Tina around 4-ish.

At around 1:30, I got a call from my bowels telling me they needed a little relief.

I looked right.

I looked left.

The coast was clear.

I relaxed a little to let go of some gas, and I immediately puckered my sphincter and gasped.

“Oh, shit!” I said out loud.

I did what people refer to ever so fondly as “sharting.”

If you don’t know what a shart is, think about those times when you fart and a little something extra rides that fart’s coattails.

That little something extra is rarely welcome to the party.

I almost cried.

I thought, I have to go home. I’m fucked. I’m not walking around wearing shart pants all day.

Regardless, I had to solve the immediate problem of shit running down my leg STAT.

I waddled as gracefully as possible to the port-a-johns. My MO was to move my butt cheeks as little as possible to avoid distributing the soiling too much.

That’s when I went all MacGyver on that shart. Since it was the first day, the hand washing stations were loaded with paper towels. I wet some, soaped up some others, and took some dry ones. I went over to the handicapped Port-a-potty, you know, the larger ones. I stripped to my bare ass and I went to town on my shorts.

By the time I was finished, my pants were good as new.

And I was able to take care of business and avoid any more accidents.

And I was able to stay without going all the way home, and missing one of the bands I was there to see that afternoon.

I. am. NOT. going to let that happen again. But if something does happen, I’m going to be prepared. I’m bringing spare undie pants and t-shirt with some handiwipes.

Because my luck, something would happen on the last hour of Sunday when you risk getting sharted upon just walking near the port-a-potties.

Budget Office: Obama’s Health Law Reduces Deficit … all this from a liberal, biased rag


From that liberal, biased rag the NY Times:

President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul will shrink rather than increase the nation’s huge federal deficits over the next decade, Congress’ nonpartisan budget scorekeepers said Tuesday, supporting Obama’s contention in a major election-year dispute with Republicans.

About 3 million fewer uninsured people will gain health coverage because of last month’s Supreme Court ruling granting states more leeway, and that will cut the federal costs by $84 billion, the Congressional Budget Office said in the biggest changes from earlier estimates.

Republicans have insisted that “Obamacare” will actually raise deficits — by “trillions,” according to presidential candidate Mitt Romney. But that’s not so, the budget office said.

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Spit – Ding! I’m votin’ Romney in 2012!

From an article in ThinkProgress By Adam Peck on Jul 31, 2012 at 10:51 am

In 2008, then-candidate Barack Obama traveled to Europe and was greeted by hundreds of thousands of supporters and excitedforeign leaders at almosteverystopalong his tour. Pundits across the board labeled the trip a success for the campaign, so it’s understandable why, four years later, candidate Mitt Romney thought it would be a good idea to do an overseas trip of his own.

Things haven’t exactly gone according to plan, though. During his first stop in London, Romney enraged an entire country by questioning Great Britain’s readiness to host the olympics, which began the day he arrived. The notoriously merciless UK media flambéed Romney with big headlines and scathing editorials.

Romney then moved on to Israel, where he explained to a room full of wealthy donors why Palestinians were generally poorer than Israelis due to their inferior “culture.” Israeli and Arab press alike were incensed, calling the remark racist (a charge the Romney campaign vigorously denies.)

And then today in Poland, as reporters who had traveled a cumulative 10,000 miles with the campaign faced their sixth day without having an opportunity to ask a single question to the candidate, a Romney campaign spokesman told a restless gaggle to “kiss my ass” when they tried to shout their questions at Romney as he left Pilsudski Square in Warsaw.

It’s the best thing in the world to me that I grew up in a household littered with books and criticism toward mormons, and yet I’m quite sure every vote cast in the next election will be for that “moron” mormon Romney.

All because he’s not black the “lesser of two evils.”


Thundering Thursday funnies

I know what this morning needs. A little dose of funny to lighten your load. 

Guy praying before his laptop says to his wife, “Did you change the wi-fi password?” “Yes, honey!” What’s the new one?” “It’s the date of our wedding anniversary!” Pause. “God dammit.” 

Board meeting of men cartoon reads, “Before we discuss destroying the competition, screwing our customers, and laughing all the way to the bank, let’s begin this meeting with a prayer.” 

Facebook update reads, “Imagine how much self control the people who make bubble wrap must have.” 

The war over Chick-Fil-A’s Free speech RAGES on … yawns before sawed logs

So when anti-gay rights organizations boycott and protest JC Penny’s, Ellen Degeneress [sic], DC comics, electric arts, Marvel Comics, The Lifetime Network, Toys R Us, etc, they are exercising their freedom of speech. But when gay rights activist boycott Chick-filA, they are infringing on the company’s freedom of speech? 

You all know that the Chick-Fil-A debacle is near and dear to my heart.

I’m a big fan of that goddamn sandwich, but not a fan mindlessly agreeing with “biblical principles” without so much of mindful consideration of the full picture.

I even made my own Chick-fil-Gay sandwich based on Hilah’s cooking website. See it here.

I saw the above graphic posted at Facebook this morning (typed out below the fold). It was a good one, but I can’t help but notice how pathetic this meme war has become.

We saw the dumb one from the right featuring Willy Wanka and their attempt to be funny. It was such a popular meme that this blog had about six hundred extra hits because of it.

It seems that conservatives are desperate for a Linus blanket to wrap themselves in to make them feel better.

There was also this one:

It reads, “It’s not about fried chicken, it is about free speech. Chick-fil-A 8-1-12.”

You see what I mean?

The only thing ignorant, gay-hating conservatives have is the attempts at reassuring themselves that their views are some how legit through avoiding the topic.

Plain and simple, I’m glad this whole thing blew up. I’m glad conservatives bound together in droves to support their hate for homosexuals.

Chick-fil-A wins a point or two for getting them out. Check these pictures. 

Over the past week or so of vacation, I was with three different gay couples. I met one gay 17 year old. In our world, it’s natural. It’s normal. And I love my friends and family enough to know that stupid ideas inspired from a book with a lot more than gay hate is just a trivial obstacle standing in the way of progress.

I wasn’t always like I am now. As an ignorant teen, I told friends and family they were hell bound for being gay. I told friends that their loved ones were hell-bound.

I told them I loved them, but hated their sin.


I’m ashamed I ever said those things. But I changed my mind.

What changed it?

The simple act of getting to know my “enemies.” The simple act of valuing friendship instead of the relationship I had with an invisible dude everyone called Jesus.

I’d much rather offend the invisible guy, than see the frown on my friends’ and family’s faces.

I’m getting bored with my own references to this damn thing, so hopefully this is the last one.

We can only hope, right?