What admirable Christians are writing about Chick-fil-A

Okay, okay, I lied. I have to post a link to Matthew Paul Turner’s post called, “5 Reasons Why the Church Failed Yesterday.

I justify it, because I didn’t write it, and it comes from someone attempting to lead the faith pack into an admirable direction. I’ve been following Matthew Paul Turner’s (MPT’s) blog since it was called, “Jesus Needs New PR,” and I’ve consistently gotten the feeling that he’s a guy doing things right.

Just a word, the blog is getting slammed. If you click the link above, you might get an error message or a web site that looks like it came from 1994. Refresh a couple times if that’s the case.

Some admirable bits from MPT’s post:

Many of yesterday’s appreciators were born again Christians, people who, I can only assume, claim to love God, put their trust in Jesus, and have a desire that all people hear and experience the Good News of Christ. That fact alone changes the headline of what happened yesterday.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure Chick-Fil-A owners felt loved, made lots of money, and greatly appreciated the somewhat positive press they received all day long. And yes, Mike Huckabee has reason to be proud (dare I say, even cocksure?) of the influence he wields to get Americans to buy chicken. Those CFA cows no doubt love Mike Huckabee!


The crowds were so big that you might have thought that Chick-Fil-A was giving away free iPads or Cabbage Patch Dolls or freshly fallen manna from Heaven. And while lots of Christians chose not to participate for various reasons, many did and the Church as whole suffered.

Later when talking about how at the end of the day, a group felt hated by Christians, MPT wrote:

And rather than acknowledging those feelings or trying to understand or engage them in any way, Christians everywhere marched off to their local CFA like it was a cross to bear, a necessity, a battle cry of some sort, the waffle fry’s last stand.


By rallying behind CFA, Christians put an issue above people. And it’s impossible to follow Jesus when issues trump people.

And finally:

How many times do we hear Christians say something like, “I don’t hate gay people. I may not agree with their lifestyle. But I don’t hate them… ”

If you were gay, would you believe that? Think about it. Would you feel loved by somebody if they included rules, context, and/or explanations about your lifestyle every time they spoke about how much they don’t hate you? Only when talking about gay people do Christians feel the need to preface their “love” or “non-hate” with some variation of “I don’t agree with your lifestyle, but…” Christians don’t talk about any other group of people like that–only gay people.

Of course the responses range from people supporting MPT to opposing him and his views.

One of the first responses predictably says that Gay people are hurting themselves spiritually and physically, and that’s justification for holding a firm position against them.

Meanwhile, the log in that dude’s own eye is GIGANTIC.

Have you ever been in an argument with a loved one that was ignited by the dumbest fucking trivial reason and it turned into the shitstorm of the century?

Yeah, me neither.

But hypothetically, of course.

This is that dumb argument. And it’s out of control right now.

Once all the dust settles and people remember that people are people. And even think within the framework of their personal worldviews (Christians Christian, Jews Jewish, Muslims, Muslim, Athests Awesome, etc.), we’re all going to realize that the argument was fueled by stubborn, insensitive, ignorant bullshit. We’re going to stand there wondering why this began, why we’re fighting, and why don’t we all share a meal and toast a glass or two.

I, for one, am standing here with my glass raised, waiting for all your dumbasses to pick up the glass that’s already been poured for you.


One thought on “What admirable Christians are writing about Chick-fil-A

  1. I’m waiting for the day when some fundamentalist organization will take the same stand against divorce that they do against gay marriage.

    The difference between divorce and homosexuality is that Jesus actually had something to say about divorce.

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