Loving your neighbors all the way to Mars … just like a Jesus commanded

This morning I saw this update at Facebook.

It’s a Rotten ecard that reads, “Congratulations on wasting $100 billion dollars landing a remote controlled buggy on Mars. Not sure how this is supposed to help us poor people here on Earth, but great job.”

Seeing something like that yanks at my cognitive dissonance. I love science and I love humanism. And I don’t want anyone misunderstanding the importance of space travel, but I don’t want them to feel left out either.

And part of me wants to post something like this:

To which, Glenn Beck’s the Blaze responded that there are multitudes of Christians who are helping the poor. It’s the dumbass, liberal media’s fault for not covering the topic.

See the masses posted at The Blaze here. Here’s one example:

Isn’t it weird that the photos were ignored by the right-wing media as well? It has to be covered by poor, little Glenn Beck’s blog in a last-ditch effort to show how awesome Christians are.

Oddly enough, they can’t produce the same captivating images that poured onto the Internet after August 1.


Dropping the rest below the fold

Because eating sodium-heavy fried chicken filled with MSG and lining the Cathy family’s pockets is more addictive and nourishing than helping the poor.

But then you see there’s a response to the card above.

A guy writes:

Nice place to send Muslims .. Mars. One-Way ticket. Right now, we are making sure the Planet is “safe”

I can’t make this stuff up.

From the looks of the world lately, “safety” is not welcome at Sikh Temples and movie theaters in a country that claims a full 85% Christian status. It hasn’t had much to do with Islam since 9/11, but I’d like to think my tax dollars are at work there, not prayers or false hopes.

This level of “sending the enemy away” or removing the conflict as far away as possible is known as scapegoating. It’s also known as avoidance and ignorance.

A limited mind concentrates its efforts on eliminating the conflict by hiding it. By sending it the wilderness. Sending it far away. Out of sight, out of mind.

Additionally, the Blaze is tacitly placing blame for the lack of dissemination of information on the Liberal media, when Christian wealth in this country could certainly pay for delivering that information a thousand times.


It’s a concept steeped in old Jewish logic discussed in Leviticus 16. I remember learning the concept in 7th or 8th grade during a bible lesson about Genesis (Thanks, Mrs. Clark!). The Joseph story is a scapegoating story. It’s a Jesus story of sorts. In fact, there are several Jesus stories. Moses and Joshua are obvious ones.

Most people don’t know that “Jesus” is the new testament word for Joshua or Yeshua. You remember that Moses led God’s people “out of slavery”. Jesus leads you out of the slavery of sin. Joshua led the Israelites into the “Promise Land.” Jesus wants to lead you into the promise land through belief in him.

Scapegoating — as well as animal sacrifice — is a predecessor and a prophecy for Jesus. For ions, people were obsessed with the idea that “sins” brought ill will (weather, famine, etc) from God — or the gods.

Oh wait, lots of people still think weather is an act of god and that they can cure it with “Scapegoating.”

The scapegoat was literally a goat who was designated as a metaphor for a person’s, family’s or tribe’s sins. On Yom Kippur, people released a goat into the wilderness. The goat carried away the sins and the people would assume God or gods blessings.

Who knows what they thought if it didn’t work.

If you ever looked for a reason why goats became a sign of the devil, look no further than “scapegoating”. In art and Christian history, the devil has the face of a goat, because sins are the embodiment of Satan’s ability to distract humanity from God.

Wandering in the Desert waiting for Dessert

Jesus’s wonderings in the desert wilderness were a fulfillment of scripture, which many Christians aren’t exactly aware of. Moses did it. Goats were made to do it.

Jesus did it, and Satan visited him personally (coo coo) to tempt him (woooooo).

The hilarious thing is that during Yom Kippur, hungry people waited in the wings of goat releases and pounced on that thing as soon as it got out of sight from the dumb Israelis shipping them off.

That, or the slaves would go and retrieve them and cook them for supper.

It was a very silly ritual.

Jesus’s sacrificial crucifixion is also a “scapegoating”, since Jesus is thought to have carried all the sins of humanity with him to hell during his death.

He returned so lightened by the load that he ascended into heaven.

These stories all meant to be metaphor, of course, but how many people take these stories literally? Instead of wasting their money on buying goats and shooing them into the wilderness when they can’t find their car keys or their children are jerks, they drop loads of cash on building multimillion-dollar churches, on chicken and waste time wrapping lines around fast food chains. They expect these actions will influence God to smile on the economy and their hopeful candidate for President.

Nothing says brown-nosing God like saying, I listen to and act out Jesus’s commandments like supporting fast food.

The Liberal Media Scapegoat

Now scapegoats refer to anything and everything that Christians use to blame for all ill will toward them.

It’s everyone else’s fault that people perceive us badly. If people saw the good we did, they would know that our views of homosexuality were pure and honest. If magic happened, we’d be seen as great not eccentric. Judge Christianity not by the Christians, but by their actions. 

And yet, no amount of PR changes the minds of outsiders.

Let’s talk about the immorality of scapegoating

Scapegoating is an immoral concept based on adolescent thinking.

When people reach a cognitive level that their actions have consequences on their personal life experience, scapegoating is a childish concept.

But when people think their actions have consequences like a drought, an earthquake or a famine, there is a callback to base cognition.

Being born again, becoming childlike, means holding onto cognitive levels below those of a developed mind.

Being like a child means you can always blame something else, like Satan, for things you do wrong and thank something else (God) for things that go right. These aren’t personal shortcomings or successes. Good and bad are predicated on outside influences.

Yet, psychology shows us that mental development hinges on personal acceptance for action. It is you, not God, who is responsible for success. It is you, not Satan, who tempted you or had you act out on a “sin”.

Jeremy, you have the face of a goat!

Many of my believing readers may read this and think I’m degrading or condescending. It’s as if I’m trying to tempt them, like Satan, from personal opinion and thought.

And they would be right. And they would be scapegoating, of course.

But I hope that person thinks it through. Why tithe at church? It’s an effort to make sacrifice for God and to return the blessings 10 fold.

Dear readers, God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow — should you believe your own words. Yesterday, God was poor. Today God is poor. And tomorrow God will be poor. He doesn’t need your money or your efforts any more than those silly homeless people.

Tithing isn’t going to influence God. He’s unchanging.

Jesus paid the ultimate sacrifice so you don’t have to. That’s what I was taught. But no one acts that way for real.

The truth is the price is constantly getting paid. God’s blessings can be bought and sold.

These are the hypocrisies of the church.

Let’s all bind together and fight for humanism. Let’s all forget about differences in logic and do like Glenn Beck’s teams of people wearing florescent vests and build up this country and nation.

Fighting over whose God or lack of Gods are right is stupid. Your bible’s truths aren’t nearly as important as the weight of your wallet.

Focusing on humanity is the best way to make lemonade out of lemons.

I’m in. Are you?




2 thoughts on “Loving your neighbors all the way to Mars … just like a Jesus commanded

  1. NASA apparently suffers form the same problem most other scientific organizations do, bad PR. That’s to say, people aren’t really well versed in all the ways in which technology used in space travel leaks into our daily lives.
    Water filtration, advances in telecommunications and computing, food safety, medical devices, these are all technologies that resulted from space travel and the research associated with it. This is technology that’s all around us and makes life better for us every damn day.
    Not to mention that every time we go to other planets and/or moons we learn a little more about how we got here and who we are. So yeah, when people post stupid shit like this I try and educate them and make sure they understand that space exploration changes our lives for the better.
    Also, accomplishments like the recent Mars mission have a way of bringing us together (as a people) in a way that very few endeavors can. I watched twitter explode as people from all over the world tuned in and held their collective breath awaiting the news that the rover had landed safely. People from other countries were waking up at all hours, they were waking their kids up to be a witness to this event. When news came that the rover landed successfully they all cheered and marveled at the awesomeness of what they’d just seen! Now compared to the total population of Earth, NASA and JPL are just a relatively small team of dedicated individuals who came together to overcome a challenge. Imagine if we could all come together like this, what challenges couldn’t we tackle?

    1. Great response, Luis.

      MJ Shepherd just liked this response on Facebook that I thought was pretty good too.

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