Peeper Dee #221

by Luis V

I’m not exactly sure how I keep straying from the exact day it is. I’m good at it, though. And Luis V. put me back on track.

Thanks, Luis.

by Xina
by Tina Louise


Minds in the Gutter, Please by J-dub
by Biodork


Today marks 1,461 days of matrimonial bliss



Today marks our four-year wedding anniversary.

Tina and I sealed the deal August 8, 2008 at one of the best parties I’ve ever been to.

Eight. Eight. Eight.

Ours was a completely secular wedding. The ceremony and reception took place at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago and the art on display was Jeff Koons, including his Made in Heaven series, which surely shocked our guests, I’m sure.

Other parts of his work were there as well.

Our day was an homage to art. To love. To happiness. Some of our favorite people surrounded us. And we longed for those who passed too early and didn’t celebrate with us.

Tina and I work together, so our partnership is several fold. We’re best friends. We’re lovers. We’re fighters (honk). And we’re business partners.

Without her, I might crumple up in a cardboard box under an overpass and lay in a heap of Colt 45 bottles surrounded by piles of my own vomit.

Romantic, huh?

The great thing about our relationship is every day feels like a celebration. We don’t have children. We’d take them if we could have them. But it certainly makes a difference without competing for Tina’s attention from some stinky-diapered rug rat …

All I’m saying is, we have a different relationship than a lot.

We wish all our friends and family — gay and straight — the same happiness that we share.

Our values are simple and loving.

Just the way we like it.




Fucking heart house music

Oddly enough, the most responses I’ve received from my photography at Lollapalooza is from random kids looking for photographs of themselves.

I’ve had about five requests, and I’ve been able to find random folks out of a crowd.

The most recent request is for a shot of a kid at Red Hot Chili Peppers, which might be close to a nightmare to find.



What the kids are posting

This is going to be a version of What the Kids are Posting with a little breath of fresh air. Check out the first image!

Those jerky kids at are softening a bit.

Of course it all goes out the window with the Cindy Jacobs clip below. Did you know she can raise the dead?

What the hell do we need doctors and science for again?



Peeper Dee #219

by Biodork

Oops. I apologize for the delay. Our anniversary celebrations started early.

Today is #220, so if I get them by 5, I’ll post what I have. After that, I’ll wait and post them tomorrow.


by Xina
by Tina Louise


buds by J-dub