If there were any doubt, there may not be any more. My old classmates think I’m an asshole

You can click to enlarge the interaction above.

A woman from my high school posted that over-used graphic that reads,

“Dear God, why do you allow so much violence in our schools? Signed a concerned student.


“Dear concerned student, I’m not allowed in schools. God.”

My response was naturally inquisitive and wondering if there were a lack of faith presented.

She claimed to think I would be the one to respond as I did. And she wrote:

“Yes God is all powerful but [BUT!!!] will let us suffer the consequences of our choices as a society.”

The “but” in that sentence doesn’t belong.

It appears that god’s got a big old “but” for every fucking thing that happens on earth.

God is “all-loving” and “omnipresent” AND “all-powerful.” BUT, he’s not allowed in school!

All these acts of violence are YOUR fault. It’s always YOUR fault. Or OUR fault.

Yet the teachings all defy these ideas.


He says, “I am.”

The temple curtain tore at the moment of death ripping down the Old Testament views and surging forth with the New views of a New Elijah. The New Moses. The New prophet who changes (but doesn’t change) everything.

I sincerely think that all the Christians should get together at a closed-door conference.

They should erect EXACTLY what they’re all to say and do in public so that everyone’s on board, and hypocrisy is no longer their largest downfall.

And then — and only then — can they come out and post stupid shit like this one Facebook.

2 thoughts on “If there were any doubt, there may not be any more. My old classmates think I’m an asshole

  1. Wow. I like yours better.

    Quick edit: It’s better because it’s more thought out, but also because my comments nor the graphic were deleted.

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