Democrats, democrats, what are they good for?

I cracked up when I saw the above on Facebook recently. It’s a young girl looking like she’s hissing and below it reads, “Democrats, the party of tolerance. Unless you disagree with them, then it’s: ‘Shut the fuck up you lying, racist, hater!”

There is truth in hilarity.

I recently sent a family member a note that said something like, “Every time you post something to facebook that shows you don’t support gay marriage, you send a big fuck you to my family.”

You better believe I wrote it with the above face.

Although, in an effort to disclose transparency, to my face behind closed doors, that same person says how the issue of gay marriage is fast becoming a non-issue in the conservative camp and that most Republicans are now in support of it.

And out of the other side of the mouth, hetero marriage is awesome comes flying to the surface.

In other news, I have been disheartened to see the formula for attacking Paul Ryan is similar to the ones attacking Palin in 2008. Here are two graphics who are essentially only going to be heralded by liberals.

You can tell conservative women that Ryan is a douchey punk who wears t-shirts telling women to shutup in public, but that doesn’t matter. The conservatives I know are going to vote for Romney/Paul anyway. Because the same things that make Paul a demon-faced woman like the one above, is the same information that conservatives love.

It’s bizzarre.

Here are two in question:



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