Classic sculptures wearing modern clothing


I couldn’t help but be turned on by these images we saw of classic sculptures dressed in modern clothing. Check out more here.

The dressed-up art are the brain children of Paris-based art director Alexis Persani and French photographer Léo Caillard. About the work:

First, Caillard photographed the statues and his friends in similar poses, then Persani used Photoshop to digitally dress the sculptures. By contrasting contemporary and classic culture, the creative duo wanted to show that society has undergone a big change and continues changing.

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One thought on “Classic sculptures wearing modern clothing

  1. At first, all Inuit soapstone sculptures from the Arctic may look alike. However, there are variances in artistic styles among the different Inuit art producing communities. Although all communities produce Inuit sculptures featuring both animal and human subjects, some seem to do more animals while others do more people figures. Some communities make their subjects appear quite realistic with lots of high detail while in others, a more crude and primitive look is preferred. There are Inuit sculptures that have a highly polished finishes and some that are the complete opposite where they are left dull and unpolished…

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