Peeper Dee #229


A closeup of your brains by sunny lee

Sometimes we don’t get that many submissions for Peeper Dee. And that’s okay.

If I had naming power over Becky F’s picture below, I would call it, “After you hyperventilate, have a piece of baguette” or “inexpensive paper weight.”

What would you call it?

My submission today is more image that I edited today than a photo I took today … which — in my mind — is perfectly fair game.

Where is your submission?

by Becky F
by J-dub



Well, if that’s not encouragement to quit

I can’t remember where I found this advertisement encouraging you — yes, you — to quit smoking.

It’s an old lady lighting a cigarette off her 42-year-old birthday cake candles. It says, “Smoking causes premature aging.”

And if you don’t smoke, make sure I’m not referring to your blazing good looks.

Yeah, stop being so smoking, fucking hot.

And if you still have a problem, see the above graphic.



Talulah understand trajectory better than you

Talulah is a gifted little canine.

There’s a wall bordering where we take her out to throw the ball. Talulah’s favorite game is when I throw the ball — using a Chuck-It! — at an angle against the wall.

She is able to assess the trajectory and speed very quickly, and determine the necessary speed and direction she needs to run in order to intercept and catch the ball.

Often, her catch is more of a snatch than a catch. She grabs the ball out of the air as it enters from the side and compensates for the speed with a head jerk.

It’s really quite phenomenal.

When I throw the ball at the wall, you can see the steam exiting her ears as her mind works to do that math.

Now, I know she’s not doing math. But it’s doggie math. It’s athleticism. Let’s call it, mathleticism.

If you’ve seen her do it, which many of you have seen, you know that it’s somewhat astonishing to witness. She’s no walking-on-water Yeshua, namely because she does her miracles in real life. Her abilities require little to absolutely no faith.


Of course, my little noggin starts working through how to integrate this mathleticism into a blog post.

I want to work this talent into a post about how Talulah understand trajectory better than people who support — say — conservative values. She understands how to achieve her goals better than any conservative I’ve ever met. Talulah knows that she can’t follow the ball outright. She has to meet the ball at the place where it’s going to be.

A dog just learning this trick tends to run straight after the ball. Straight thinking is the literal definition of Orthodoxy. Conservatives LOVE straight thinking.

Here’s a conservative thought process:

We have a menu. Let’s stick to that menu … we need to stick to the plan. Don’t veer from it. It says here that slavery is okay. But civil rights cannot include that. We must drag our feet. Oh yeah, you’re right. Slavery is not okay. Even though our menu says it’s okay. It’s not. Now let’s concentrate on homosexuality …

See. Conservatives follow the ball.

Liberals check the trajectory and speed. They meet the ball where it’s going to land.

And just like when an obstacle or notch in the wall redirects Talulah’s ball forcing her to redirect her plan of attack, liberals are able to work with lame-ass, orthodox conservatives when they force the ball in different directions.

Then again, Talulah understands trajectory way better than you.

Quick dinner blog: Grilled Tenderloin with Radicchio


Grilled Tenderoin & Radicchio 

Okay, the above photo isn’t the best image, but the meal was fantastic. It was Grilled tenderloin with a radicchio and gorgonzola salad from America’s Test Kitchen, cooking for two.

I found a variation of the recipe at a blog called Busy Beth, so go there if you want to check it out. As with any America’s Test Kitchen recipe, it was so good it made us want to eat it every night!




Well, that’s awkward: oregon priest — wearing only his underpants — chased boy down street after abuse


I mean, why didn’t the priest lock the doors and windows from the inside?

It’s not cool for priests to get caught molesting kids, right?

[I just hiccup barfed on myself]

This shit still happens?

It was close to midnight Sunday when Woodburn resident James Curths saw the 12-year-old boy running down the street toward him. Curths said the child, panting and out of breath, begged for help, telling him a man was chasing him.

Moments later, a man rounded the corner wearing only underwear. He stood a short distance away, trying to wave the boy over as Curths and his sister-in-law prepared to drive the boy to relatives.

“He was staring at us,” said Heather Rodriguez, 28, Curths’ sister-in-law, who was also outside. “Then he stood there with his hands on his hips like, ‘You’re really not going to give him to me?'”

Rodriguez and Curths, 35, told the man they were calling the police. Only then, they said, did the man jog away.

The man who chased after the boy that night, Woodburn police say, was the Rev. Angel Armando Perez, the parish priest at St. Luke Catholic Church in Woodburn. Early Monday, the boy gave police a detailed account of the alleged sex abuse he said occurred at Perez’s home, leading to Perez’s arrest later Monday.

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Recent vacation photos

Tina and I recently visited Harbert Michigan, which is near Sawyer and Three Oaks.

We stayed there with our friend Miles, who had friends staying nearby at another house. We ended up spending a lot of fun bonding time with the other house, and by the end of it, we were all old friends.

These images were from a distillery we visited called, Journeyman Distillery. And brewery called Greenbush.

We should have introduced Journeyman to Greenbush. They would have made sweet children together.

Please note that toward the bottom, there are pictures of Greenbush. There is a picture with a TV in it. That was the Olympic Opening Ceremony. The next picture is of the guests looking at the TV. I wish I could have captured the sheer disgust and fear in everyone’s eyes as they watched.