Hey look! Two Peeper Dees in a row. #233

by Biodork

If it weren’t for the computer issues, this may never have happened.

I can see National Geographic doing a show on two PPDs showing up in the wild soon.

Kuchen by Becky F
shooting catalog covers by sunny lee
by J-dub
by Jude C

Peeper Dee #232

by sunny lee

This is yesterday’s makeup Peeper Dee. My computer issues are hopefully somewhat solved with a big thanks to regular-reading Steve P. Thanks for coming to my rescue SP!

I had a major hard drive crash, and while my backups are fine, I still had to move stuff around to get working again on my laptop. In doing so, I lost another drive. So on top of everything else, I have to pull all the lost files off through recovery software.

Not fun.

Anyway, I hope to get back to normal here soon. I ordered a new graphics card from Apple that’ll be here later this week.

A couple of you are off on your submission numbers. Sunday was 232. Today will be 233.

by Xina
by Biodork
by J-dub

Continuing delays

I’m still working on computer issues this morning, and I’m keeping up with my regular work.

I’m forced to use Tina’s computer today, which is significantly slower than mine especially when working on photos and video.

Unfortunately, you can expect a slow-ish day. I’ll post yesterday’s Peeper Dees when I get back on my computer.

Stay tuned. I know you will.