It’s Caturday!


This very fine August Caturday is brought to you by Zoe, who is not to be disturbed when she is munching on her grass plant.

Well, unless it’s me annoying her.

She loves that damn grass plant. And you would too if you knew what we fed it.


Busy Saturday

Last night, I photographed a competition that I don’t want to name specifically, because I don’t want to attract those people to this blog. But let’s just say it has something to do with the above person and what they are doing.

Today, Tina and I are shooting a wedding. And tomorrow a baby.

I wanted to make a joke about how it is like life in fast forward. Or “natural” progression. And I stopped myself.

Because for one, the events that led to my wedding didn’t lead to a baby.

And not all my gay friends will become parents.

But, the irony is still there.

Last night I was up until 4:30 getting the photos ready for publication so that they’d be off my plate. Now I can plow forward. I’m just worried about my level of ability after compromising with a late late night.

Here’s to adrenaline and hoping!

Here’s to your weekend.